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World War Rodent – Arming Your Home Against the Seasonal Invasion

By Mike on September 24, 2014

It is the time of year that all of us begin thinking about preparing for winter. The autumn months are always a flurry of harvest and bounty, both for people and for woodland creatures. Unfortunately, many of those woodland creatures may have an eye on your crawl space for storing winter goodies and hunkering down

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Crawl Space Care: How To Protect Your Home From Disaster

By Mike on July 30, 2014

  Having a safe and healthy home is a top priority for all of us. Our family’s safety is our greatest concern as parents and homeowners. It’s for this reason that we believe good crawl space care is a vital aspect of every homeowner’s home maintenance. Crawl spaces that are infested with animals or mold

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Critters in Your Attic Part II: How to Keep Them Out

By Mike on March 10, 2014

Let’s assume you don’t have any unwelcome critters in your attic. If you do, we’re really sorry about that and suggest you reference Part I of this series regarding how to REMOVE critters from your attic. Even if you haven’t had problems with the little animals, all homeowners should ensure that their attic is equipped

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Critters in Your Attic Part I: How to Remove Them

By Mike on March 8, 2014

Can you hear little feet scurrying around above your ceiling? If all your children are present and accounted for, you definitely have a problem. It is easier than you think for squirrels, raccoons, bats, rats, opossums, and even snakes to find their way into your cozy attic space. In this first installment in the “Critters in

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