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Why Cleaning and Insulating Your Attic Is So Important

By Ed Steenman on May 1, 2015

Most people don’t think twice about cleaning and insulating their attics. At least, not until strange smells, rodent infestations, or other annoying issues appear and force them to take a peek into their attic. With basic attic cleaning, inspection, and repairs, families in Everett, WA can avoid dealing with the side effects of a poorly

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The Shocking Benefits of Blown In Insulation

By Ed Steenman on December 9, 2014

The nature of a home is to provide a warm, comfortable place where people can relax and enjoy themselves. For it to accomplish this, it is important that owners ensure that their homes are well protected and thoroughly insulated to retain heat and maintain a strong structure. While there are various kinds of insulation available

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Preparing for Fall: Insulation Options To Keep Your Home Warm

By Ed Steenman on September 10, 2014

Summer has come to an end and winter is quickly approaching. It is almost time to turn on your heater if you haven’t already! Now is the perfect time to protect your home against the cold. With the autumnal season comes cold weather and a big increase in energy bills. One of the most telling

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What Should I Do When My Insulation Gets Wet?

By Ed Steenman on September 3, 2014

My Spray Foam insulation is wet: You’re in luck! If you have closed-cell spray foam insulation that’s been exposed to moisture, never fear. Closed-cell spray foam insulation provides a moisture barrier and an air-tight seal. If you’re noticing water on your spray foam insulation, it almost certainly means that you’ve got a leak somewhere. But

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Attic and Crawl Space Insulation: A Smorgasbord of Options

By Ed Steenman on March 25, 2014

If your energy bills are sky high and your house is still freezing cold, perhaps it’s time to take a look at the condition of your attic or crawl space insulation. In many cases, crawl spaces and attics are our last thought because they’re out of sight. However, properly insulating your attic and crawl space

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The Savings In Attic Insulation

By Ed Steenman on March 13, 2014

Money: “The mint makes it first, it is up to you to make it last.” – Evan Esar Making money last can be one of life’s hardest endeavors. The high cost of living alone makes it difficult to live within means. Bills add up, and when they do, the first thought that comes to mind

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