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Customer of the Month: Lola Castruita Earns 100 Dollars

By Ed Steenman on September 1, 2017

This month, Clean Crawls is thanking Lola Castruita for her positive attitude about her animal exclusion experience after getting an inspection report for a  home she was buying. Lola was so impressed by how our team provided excellent and detailed service while being professional and extremely cooperative, that she left us a fantastic 5-star review on

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Customer of the Month: Kirk Gillett Is Given Visa Gift Card

By Ed Steenman on July 3, 2017

This month, Clean Crawls is honoring Snohomish resident, Kirk Gillett. Kirk called Clean Crawls to replace his insulation. Clean Crawls really appreciated Kirk’s positive attitude that he had with our sales representative Phil Hansen, and when talking with our crew. In addition Kirk, recently wrote about his “AWESOME” experience with Clean Crawls on our Marysville

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4 Ways an Attic Cleaning Service Safeguards Your Home

By Ed Steenman on February 19, 2016

Most insulation doesn’t last forever, and that’s just one of the problems that can lurk inside your attic. Cleaning your attic means something more than knocking down cobwebs, moving holiday decorations and generally tidying up. A professional attic cleaning service can make your home healthier and more efficient, and evict unwanted visitors. Some attic problems

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|Info-graphic| 4 Mouse Traps To Rid Your Crawlspace Of Rodents

By Ed Steenman on April 24, 2014

Rodents are a nuisance, especially in your crawl space. This out-of-the-way hidey-hole is just the place for mice, rats, and even possums to find themselves snug and safe. Unfortunately, they will rip apart your insulation and destroy your vapor barrier, exposing your crawl space to the danger of mold and mildew, and they will sneak

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