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A Christmas Present that Gives Back: Investing in Insulation For 2020

By Andrew Gjerness on November 1, 2019

Some of the best Christmas presents are the ones that you can’t wrap and hide beneath a tree. If you’re looking for a present for 2020 that will benefit your home and family for years on end, new home insulation is the ticket. You may not be able to put fancy wrapping paper or a pretty bow on it, but this project has the potential of producing hundreds of dollars in savings for you this New Year.


Why Insulate?

While insulation may not be a romantic present, it is certainly a practical one. The benefits of restoring your attic or crawl space insulation are tremendous. Insulation serves to:

  • Regulate Home Temperature: The more insulation you have, the easier it will be for your home to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Save on Energy Expenses: Many Seattle homeowners spend thousands of dollars a year on energy expenses. With new insulation, your home can manage the energy efficiently, reducing the amount of energy (and cash) you need to put into it.
  • Extend HVAC Lifespan: Without proper insulation, your HVAC system must work overtime to produce the desired temperatures. This can wear your system out faster and require the expense of a future replacement.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption: The less energy you need to regularly put into your home, the better off you and the environment will be.

Insulation is a vital part of every home. Without it, or without enough of it, about half of the energy that is put into a home escapes through its uninsulated walls. By adding additional insulation to your attic and crawl space, you can drastically improve the comfort and efficiency of your home while saving big on your energy expenses.

How Much Insulation Do I Need?

For many people, the need for new insulation is easily recognizable. For others however, new insulation is entirely unnecessary. In most homes, there is a specific amount of insulation that you need to be energy efficient.

This leaves us with the question: How can you know if you need more insulation or not?

The answer to this question varies based on the size, location, and condition of your home. Factors to consider about your home include:

  • Current type and density of insulation.
  • Recommended R-value for location.
  • Energy source.

The easiest way to find out is to have an insulation technician inspect your home. Their years of training and experience will enable them to accurately assess the condition of your home and insulation. They can then provide you with recommended solutions.

Costs and Savings Associated with Insulation

At this point, many people are interested in the idea of adding new insulation to their homes. But once they have an inspection done and get a quote, they flinch at the anticipated cost and put off the project. What they don’t know is that the money that they will save by adding new insulation can actually end up paying off the cost of the installation — and more.

Cost of Insulation

The most expensive part of this project is the cost of the insulation itself. The more powerful the insulator, the more expensive the insulation. While the final cost of the installation varies between projects and homes, the final cost is can be up to over a thousand dollars.

Savings with Insulation

The unique thing about insulation installations is that the project will eventually pay itself off. With the insulation in place, the home no longer demands as much energy to keep the home comfortable. Homeowners can save an average of 30 to 80 percent on their energy expenses because of an insulation installation.

Over time, these savings can add up to thousands of dollars, which is money that go back into paying for the installation. Once the project is paid off, you and your family have years of time left to enjoy the additional savings, thanks to your new insulation.

Merry Christmas from Clean Crawls

Stuck trying to decide on a practical and beneficial gift to give a loved one in your life? Give them the gift of a warm and efficient home this holiday season with an insulation installation from Clean Crawls. With the money you save today, you can buy something special and memorable for your loved ones in the many years to come.

For more information about an insulation installation, contact Clean Crawls today by giving us a call at or by filling out our contact form.


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