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Crawl Space Winter Maintenance: Should I Heat My Seattle Crawl Space?

By Mike on January 19, 2019

With the winter in full blast, it’s normal for homeowners to worry about winter maintenance, energy costs, and frozen pipes. However, DIY crawl space maintenance may not be the best solution during the winter months. Because of this, we put together a simple guide on how to keep your pipes and crawl space safe and efficient during these winter months.

Crawl Space Winter Maintenance: Should I Heat My Seattle Crawl Space?

Do You Need to Heat Your Crawl Space?

Walls and floors can get really cold during the winter, and many homeowners think heating their crawl space is a good idea. The short answer is no, it’s not necessary to heat up your crawl space. On the contrary, placing a heating device in your crawl space can be dangerous. Using heating devices will also increase your energy consumption, will not assist regulation of heat throughout your home, may result in higher utilities, and may even present a safety hazard.

Hazards of Heating Your Crawl Space

A lot of homeowners place heating devices and light bulbs inside of their crawl space to prevent pipes from freezing. However, this is both ineffective and dangerous. Placing a heating device in your crawl space creates a huge fire hazard. Light bulbs also increase the chances of fire. Both these methods also use a lot of energy and are not effective ways to prevent pipes from freezing. If you’re concerned about your crawl space getting too cold, contact your local specialist for a free consultation.

Winter in the PNW

Although the cooler winter trend has continued this year, temperatures in the Pacific Northwest don’t usually drop to the point of freezing your pipes. The PNW enjoys mild weather due to its temperate climate, and unlike colder states, freezing and bursting pipes are rarely reported.

Although the Pacific Northwest enjoys mild weather, cases of frozen pipes do occur here every winter. Most of these situations arise due to poor preparation for the winter months. Although some insurance policies may cover water damage and burst pipes, they can easily become a hassle. The best thing to do is take preventive measures that stop your pipes from freezing.

Crawl Space Winter Maintenance Seattle

How Do I Prevent Energy Loss During Winter?

Preventing energy loss during winter in the PNW is about being prepared. Investing money in getting your crawl space properly vented and insulated will cut down on energy costs, as well as ensure all plumbing is safe from freezing temperatures. Homeowners usually experience a drop of 30% to 80% on utility costs (depending on the state of your old insulation).

If you are interested in learning more about insulating your crawl space for the winter months and more crawl space winter maintenance tips, contact us at Clean Crawls today. Our certified crew of crawl space experts will inspect your crawl space and advise you on the best course of action. Get in touch with us at 866-606-2914 or by filling out our online contact form. Contact us today!

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