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Mysterious Areas of Your Seattle Home

By Mike on January 24, 2018

This is the time of year in the Puget Sound area where your home speaks to you. Whether it be in whispers of cold air whistling into your home’s structure from somewhere, or your floor creaking because of cold temperatures creeping into your home’s interior through the floorboards, you’d better pay attention to what your home is trying to tell you. Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in power costs coinciding with the advent of winter. Or maybe you’ve noticed musty smells or a deterioration of the air quality in the home. Regardless, life is busy enough on its own, and these problems still pose major inconveniences, so where do you begin?

The Importance of a Crawl Space Inspection

If you suspect cold air is entering into your home, you’re probably experiencing a problem with leaks that need sealing. If you’ve noticed an abnormal increase in electrical cost, you may have a serious issue with your insulation. Taking these two factors into account, the culprit, more than likely, is to found in your crawl space. The remedy? It begins with contacting a professional who specializes in crawl space cleaning and repair to arrange for a thorough inspection.

How a Crawl Space Inspection Identifies Problem Areas in the Home

Now that you’ve taken the critical step to address these problems you’ve noticed in your home, here’s what to expect from a reliable crawl space inspection.

  • Inspecting crawl space ventilation. A thorough crawl space inspection is going to uncover any defects in proper ventilation. The inspector will make sure that vent holes and intake vents are functioning optimally. Ensuring that the ventilation is performing as it should is critical to the overall health of your home.
  • Inspecting crawl space insulation. If the insulation in your crawl space has suffered water damage of any sorts, it’s likely to manifest in an increase in energy costs. Insulation that is damp tends to compact and compress resulting in decreased efficiency.
  • Inspecting crawl space floors. A good crawl space inspection is going to reveal the condition of any wood framing in your floor joists and floorboards. The inspector will look for signs of moisture damage to wood by closely examining nails for rust accumulation. They will also perform a thorough evaluation of the structural integrity of your crawl space flooring and identify any structural defects that may need replacing.

Inspecting crawl space infrastructure. During the crawl space inspection, special attention will be paid to infrastructure. Is the plumbing coming through the floor free from any type of obstruction? Are there any electrical wires exposed? Are HVAC ducts tight and secure? These are some of the infrastructure issues a competent inspector will check out.

What Happens if Problems Are Discovered in Your Crawl Space?

Now that the inspection is complete and problems have been identified, what comes next? Provided you have selected a professional who not only performs crawl space inspections but who also can correct any deficiencies found, you’re in good hands. Here are some of the remedies that you might need to have addressed.

  •  Correcting crawl space ventilation problems. A good crawl space professional will be able to properly secure or replace intake vents and make sure vent holes are functioning properly.
  • Correcting crawl space insulation problems. This could likely involve a complete removal and replacement of existing insulation in the crawl space. It is a major job, but it’s also the perfect time to upgrade your insulation to a higher R-level which is more energy efficient and which can only help to bring your power costs down.
  • Correcting crawl space floor problems. This can be a serious problem, especially if there has been considerable water damage to wood joists and floorboards. If, so it’s important to remember that correcting the problem is imperative to the overall health of your home.
  • Correcting crawl space infrastructure problems. It is absolutely critical that your home not be exposed to dangers such as faulty and exposed electrical wiring, or possible flooding due to poorly functioning plumbing. A good crawl space professional can provide you with affordable solutions that will keep your home safe.

Identifying a Reliable Crawl Space Professional

If you are in search of someone here in the Puget Sound area to perform a thorough inspection of your crawl space, you could not choose anyone more reputable than Clean Crawls. Since 2001, we have been ensuring the optimum functionality and health of Washington crawl spaces – everything from inspecting and cleaning them to removing and replacing insulation. If you suspect for any reason that your crawl space needs to be inspected, don’t delay – contact Clean Crawls today for a free consultation and quote.

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