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Why Crawl Space Cleaning?

By Mike on December 28, 2017

No matter how thorough you are in regards to keeping your home well maintained, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to discover certain areas that may have been neglected. Here in the Puget Sound area, that neglected area is often your crawl space.

One sure indication that you probably should pay it a visit soon is if you’re experiencing abnormally high energy bills. Neglected crawl spaces can lead to a loss in heat out your floor, causing your heaters to work harder and costing you more money. If you discover that your crawl space is in disrepair, make plans to correct it with crawl space cleaning.

crawl space cleaning

Don’t Wait For Serious Issues to Arise Before Cleaning Your Crawl Space

Have you’ve ventured down into your crawl space and immediately encountered musty smells? This is an explicit sign that all is not well in your crawl space. Potential problem areas in your crawl space include:

  • Damaged, poorly installed or inadequate insulation. A sure sign of serious problems would be things like damp pieces of insulation, insulation hanging loose, or rodent droppings and signs of rodent nests.
  • Improper venting. It’s important that all crawl space vents are allowing the proper amount of air to flow from the outside.
  • Damages to your vapor barrier. If the vapor barrier is torn or has pools of accumulated moisture, it needs immediate cleaning and repair.
  • Dirty crawl space. Yes, you need to keep it clean and organized like any other area of your home.
  • Signs of possible rodent infestation such as feces or nests. It’s pretty obvious and easy to spot as rodents tend to create nests in damp areas of insulation.
  • Colonies of mold and mildew are present. This can occur even in your insulation – high humidity and excessive moisture is the culprit.

The discovery of any one of these problems should motivate you to contact a professional to inspect and find a solution for your crawl space. A reliable crawl space cleaning expert is going to not only verify what you’ve discovered, but their thoroughness may lead them to discover problems you had not considered. After the inspection, they'll be able to provide you with a comprehensive quote detailing how they’ll correct the problem and at what cost, down to the penny.


One Time Fix vs. Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Now that you’ve engaged a professional to clean your crawl space and the immediate issues have been successfully dealt with, where do you go from here? Many homeowners might be tempted to be satisfied and just deal with the next problem if and when it arises.

But, maybe you like to manage rather than react to potential problems. Regular crawl space cleanings of your crawl space can help you take a vital step in improving air quality and reducing harmful toxins and allergens in your home. It’s a good move for your home, and you can expect from the following from crawl space cleaning:

  • Thorough and regular cleanings. This should include removal of any dirty insulation, wood framing that has rotted, animal feces and contaminants, mold, and mildew fungi.
  • Installing proper insulation where needed. It may be that your sub-flooring was never insulated. Installing high R-factor insulation that is compliant with all environmental regulations can go a long way in curtailing the escape of cold air from the crawl space into the home.
  • Ensuring vapor barriers are sound and adequate. Cleaning, repairing and replacing vapor barriers is a critical step in keeping moisture out of the crawl space where it tends to promote the growth of mold and mildew.


Making The Choice Easier on Your Budget

In addition to budgeting regular maintenance at a fair and favorable cost, many of the improvements made to your crawl space may qualify for rebates from Puget Sound Energy, Cascade Natural Gas, or Snohomish County PUD as well as other energy-related organizations. More often than not, this will cover a portion of the expense of any improvements you make to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, Clean Crawls has been ensuring for over 20 years that the crawl space cleaning they do is done right the first time at a reasonable price. Because of their professionalism and insistence in performing quality and timely work for their customers, it is a decision you’ll not regret. Contact them today for a free consultation and estimate.


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