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What Makes Clean Crawls Different: Part V

By Mike on September 7, 2017

How We Are Able to Clean Your Crawl Space In Only One Day and Why

Clean Crawls is often able to do the insulation removal and install on the same day because we have processes and systems that we have established with our crews.


The first thing we do is get your job scheduled in a way that works well for you, the homeowner, and organize our crews around your needs as much as possible. By making sure that we allocate the right amount of time for each job, our detailed scheduling process almost guarantees that we will be able to remove and replace your insulation on the same day. The only time we would ever wait to install the insulation is if there are ongoing animal problems or problems that require a contractor, plumber, or electrician.

Then, once the job is scheduled, we make sure that we are on time and that we come into your home and set up everything needed to protect either the inside of the home or the outside. Where we are operating and working depends on where the access to the crawl space or attic is. We prep everything properly so that we do not do any damage inside your home.

Over the years we have learned all of the things not to do, so we have a process and system in place that helps prevent the homeowner from feeling like things were damaged inside the home, throughout the home, or in your yard such as your plants. Our highly professional crews have been trained on who is responsible for each aspect and this allows them to go through their certain processes in a timely manner. Once we have made sure your home is protected then we begin cleaning out your old insulation.

Getting it cleaned out and making sure that it is sanitized and deodorized properly is critical. Once our crews finish sanitizing, deodorizing, and removing the bad insulation and old vapor barrier our crews start on the install of the insulation, vapor barrier, and finishing touches, such as the installation of the crawl space access door.


Most vapor barriers that are installed in crawl spaces are done by simply laying the plastic on the ground and then quickly forgetting about it. If anyone (or anything—like a rodent) goes into the crawl and moves around, the vapor barrier is shifted and the dirt underneath is exposed.

The vapor barrier then becomes useless, exposing the home to moisture, as well as gases and potentially harmful ground-swelling vapors. Similar to an incorrectly installed vapor barrier, many companies leave a home with new insulation in their crawl space and a gaping hole in the form of an access point into the crawl.

Sure, the insulation looks good temporarily, but the entry way is wide open as if calling out to critters of all kinds to come in and nest in the crawl space. It is like a freeway heading onto the Las Vegas strip with lights blinking and pointing in; "Rodents Welcome."

crawl space services sammamish

To protect your home from the vapor barrier moving around and an incorrectly installed access door, Clean Crawls goes the extra mile for you. To make sure the vapor barrier does not move, Clean Crawls stakes the vapor barrier down throughout the entire crawl space using thick wire stakes that resemble giant staples.

Clean Crawls also puts extra stakes near access points, since these higher traffic areas lead to more shifting. In addition, Clean Crawls builds nice and solid access doors that are made to fit. This is different from other companies that may try to use prefabricated access doors that they attempt to retrofit into the existing space. Since every home and crawl space is different, there is not one size of door that can fit all crawl space entrances.

Some projects are more extensive than others, but our goal is to our best to get the work done in one day. Sometimes when we have larger jobs, we will put two crews on the job to make sure that we get it done in one day. The bottom line is, to get it all done in one day, it comes down to training and experience, the right products and services, good processes, and dedicated people.


These practices are time-consuming, and yet Clean Crawls has developed systems to streamline the process. Our crews have the hard work ethic required to accomplish these additional services with the homeowner in mind. It is the right thing to do, and most companies do not want to go through the additional expense and added time to do it.

Unfortunately, that means that you the consumer are going to have to pay more for that, but you are not going to keep paying for it over and over because the job you have gotten done is flawless. Getting the job done correctly by the right company is going to be the best thing to look at when you have bids that are comparable. I want you to feel security because you do not have to worry, and if something does go awry, you know we are going to be there to take care of it.

I continue to make sure Clean Crawls bases our practices, protocol, and standards of workmanship on going above and beyond the expectations of the strictest utility companies like PSE and PUD. Clean Crawls strives to do the job correctly the first time on every single home to please the customer and avoid getting called back to correct mistakes—although it is common that Clean Crawls is called out to correct the mistakes of other companies.

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