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What Makes Clean Crawls Different: Part II

By Mike on August 17, 2017

What makes Clean Crawls different?

Today I received an e-mail from one of my sales representatives about a man who Clean Crawls gave a quote to but he ended up going with another company.

I am always curious why people choose companies other than Clean Crawls. When I asked Brian about what happened his response left me with an unsettled feeling in my stomach. This is what Brian said:

Integrity is important. A client got a bid from us here at Clean Crawls for some crawl space work that was required before selling his home. He received a bid from me and a competitor. The other bid was much cheaper and I was curious as to why, so he allowed me to look at the competing bid. The other bid was a bare bones job that scratched the surface of doing it right. I emailed the client back and outlined point by point why the other bid was covering up—not solving the problem.

Since he was selling the home, he still decided to go with the other company, but had the nerve to say "If I was keeping the home, I would go with you to make sure it was done right, but money is the most important thing here."

No, it is not. Integrity is important. Quality is important. He's setting his buyer up to have it all redone in a year or two. Sleep well, my friend.



Brian talked to me about the differences in price between our quote and the other company’s quote, and I was surprised to hear that we were, in fact, more expensive.

However, I quickly realized the difference in price just boiled down to Clean Crawls doing a far superior and complete job. One of the largest cost differences between Clean Crawls and the other company was the quality of the cleanout.

The other company’s cleanout charge was to “Remove insulation and rodent debris from the crawlspace.” They did not remove or install a new vapor barrier. By not installing a new vapor barrier, it is impossible to remove all the rodent debris or any damage caused by rat urine.

Also, deodorizing was not included in the bid so they did not remove the smells that are caused by the rodents. The other major price difference was with the installation of the insulation. The other company proposed the completely wrong kind of insulation, so not only would it be insufficient for the home, but it would likely fall down in one or two years.

When someone asks me, “what makes you mad or angry,” I always say injustice. I cannot stand it when there is injustice towards people that cannot defend themselves. In the e-mail, the man who is selling his home is taking advantage of the buyer and that really irks me. What this seller did was an injustice. The seller did just enough to pass the inspection and he will likely get away with it, unfortunately.

I got into the retrofit business because I was upset by the poor service the insulation industry was providing homeowners. When homeowners do not have the ability to protect themselves and they are being taken advantage of, that strikes a nerve with me.

I find myself almost getting into fisticuffs with people over stuff like that. I have always felt like I could defend myself, in one way or another. I have the knowledge and experience to know when something is not right, but very few people have that knowledge when it comes to attics and crawl spaces.

The potential buyer of that home will think that “new insulation” will last a long time when in reality, that insulation will have to be replaced fairly soon. When someone hires Clean Crawls, this is exactly the kind of situation I want to avoid.

I want our customers to know that they are going to get the job done right, and they are not going to have ongoing worries. I would rather Clean Crawls not do the job at all if we cannot deliver superior quality to our client.

The bottom line is important, but I have always said, "If you take care of the customer, you will not have to worry about the bottom line." In any business, taking care of the customer means devoting your time to get the job done correctly.

Doing it right by the customer means that we have to offer the right services. That is why we started doing animal exclusion again. We were avoiding adding animal exclusion back in because it was more work and we had tried to partner with outside companies, but it got to the point where we felt Clean Crawls was not serving and helping our clients as much as we needed to.

I know that Clean Crawls is not the cheaanimal company and I do not want us to be. I want Clean Crawls to be a company with high standards and high quality. Unfortunately, good is rarely cheap, and cheap is rarely good.

Our mission at Clean Crawls is to make your home healthy and clean. In addition, Clean Crawls strives to provide comfort and peace of mind for you. We care about you and we stand by the work that we do.

Clean Crawls—Peace of Mind for Your Attic and Crawl! TM

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