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How to Dry Out a Flooded Crawl Space

By Mike on August 14, 2017

Many new homeowners have limited knowledge when it comes to that area beneath their first floor known as a crawl space. Here in the Pacific Northwest, crawl spaces are an integral part of structural design and construction, whether it be in a home or a building. Contained within the crawl space there is found insulation and a vapor barrier that serve to protect the home from moisture buildup and to facilitate the promotion of dry, warm and quality air to enter the home. There might also be HVAC ductwork, plumbing and electrical wiring housed here. In some cases, sewer pipes may also be located in the crawl space.

Given all that may be contained in this area, the thought of your crawl space flooding should give cause for alarm. And as a relatively young homeowner it ought to compel you to gain an understanding of not only the space and what is in it, but also what might happen if there is standing water in your crawl space.

flooded crawl space

Dangers of Crawl Space Water Damage

Let us put the consequences of a flooded crawl space aside for a moment. Any type of buildup of excessive moisture or dampness, regardless of the underlying cause, has the potential to detrimentally impact your homes structure as well as creating unhealthy conditions related to air quality. Here are several conditions that might arise due to problems associated with moisture buildup and water damage:

  • It creates conditions favorable for the proliferation of the spread of mold and mildew.
  • Breached HVAC ductwork might allow for unhealthy air to be released into the home.
  • Structural damage to sub flooring and framing can lead to excessive wood damage.
  • If a sewer line ruptures there will be terrible problems with odors penetrating into the house.

Any one of these situations can be catastrophic to a homeowner. Now imagine that damage compounded by a flooded crawl space.


Causes of Crawl Space Flooding

What might cause something as severe as flooding in a crawl space? Aside from those causes attributed to natural disasters, there are quite a few situations.

  • A clean water pipe that bursts due to freezing.
  • The leakage of a sewage drain line.
  • Unlodged gutter downspouts directing rain into the crawl space.
  • Failure of a crawl space sump pump.
  • Water from rain or snow melt seeping into the crawl space.
  • Water from sprinklers entering vents in the crawl space.


FEMA Compliant Flood Vent and Flood Insurance

Of course, the danger of flooding from natural disasters presents the most potential for catastrophic damages. For Pacific Northwest residents a recent legal decision might provide some relief for water damages from naturally occurring flooding. Aside from having a thorough inspection process of your crawl space performed by a reputable professional, a recent ruling from a New Jersey Federal Court has opened the way for the installation of FEMA compliant flood vents in homes located in flood zones that might render them eligible for flood insurance coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program. As there are existing floodplains established and mapped in King County, this is a development that a homeowner may wish to further explore.


Clean Crawls Knows the Highest Rated Professionals Who Will Dry and Clean Your Flooded Crawl Space

Clean Crawls has been in the crawl space and attic business since 2001. During this time we have discovered who the highest rated professionals in this line of business are. Clean Crawls only refers our customers to the business who have passed our rigorous vetting process and have core values similar to our own. These companies are staffed and equipped to handle any type of emergency related to your crawl space, and here is how they can help you to recover and dry out your crawl space.

  • They have specially designed water pumps that are able to quickly remove water from your crawl space.
  • They are also are equipped to pump out any sewage.
  • They will then thoroughly dry and dehumidify your crawl space.

Once your crawl space is free from water and dried, then Clean Crawls can deodorize and sanitize it.

  • First we will clean up and remedy the mess
  • Then we will replace your damaged crawl space insulation.
  • At which time your crawl space vapor barrier will also be replaced.
  • Finally, we will restore any minor structural damage and return your crawl space to functional use.


When Disaster Strikes Clean Crawls Is Your Best Solution

Since our founding in 2001, we have earned the trust and recognition that accompanies providing our customers with quality service, whether it be cleaning, installing insulation and/or vapor barriers in crawl spaces, or cleaning up and restoring them after disaster strikes. During that time we have developed state-of-the-art techniques and assembled only the finest available insulation products, including spray-foam insulation. All of our insulation products are compliant with environmental regulations and are affordably priced.

Whether you are a new homeowner or not, if you have become concerned about the state of your crawl space, then it is time to contact Clean Crawls. Our friendly staff will arrange an inspection or offer you a quote that will help to take a lot of the anxiety out of your concerns. If we find you need a crawl space cleaning or repairs, up to and including installing new insulation and/or vapor barriers, we will do so in a way that reduces the stress you may be feeling. And if you are ever the unfortunate victim of unforeseen circumstances that leaves you with standing water in your crawl space, call us immediately and we will tell you the perfect person to call to dry it out and we can help you get it back to normal.

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