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How I Started Clean Crawls: Chuck’s Story

By Mike on August 1, 2017

blankOver the years a lot of people have asked me how I got into animal exclusion and why I started Clean Crawls. The answer to those questions requires a little story I would love to share with you going back over thirty-three years. It all started during the Cold War in 1984 and my time in the Marine Corps.

When I was around 18 years old I went to talk to the Air Force recruiter, but he didn’t show a lot of interest in me. The Marine recruiter happened to see me standing there and pulls me into his office. The next thing you know I’ve signed up for the Marines. During my four years of service, I met a guy who would eventually change the course of my life named Phil Hansen. I truly enjoyed those four years, but afterward, I decided it was time to move back into the public life again. However, only two weeks out of the service I ended up injuring my back of all things. I had spent four years in the military and I got injured when I went back to the civilian life.

blankAfter my injury I moved to Texas where I was born and raised, to find a job where I could do my work sitting down. Eventually, I found a job working for Continental Airlines. That job is actually where I met my future wife Debbie. She had come down to Texas to work at Continental Airlines because she was hoping to someday become a flight attendant. Unfortunately, I derailed that dream when we met. After we had been dating for a while she told me, “If we’re going to get married, we have to live in Washington State where my mother is at.” Her mother lives in Arlington and so we moved here 26 years ago and I still truly love this area.

When I first moved up here I was in the low voltage industry. However two weeks away from when I was going to get my journeyman’s license, my friend named Phil Hansen talked me into going over to his animal exclusion company Redi National. Phil was in the Marine Corps with me, and when I moved to Washington State he was one of the few friends I had. Phil had a very successful job at a animal exclusion company and he kept saying, “You’ve got to come over. You’ve got to come over.” But unfortunately, the company where Phil worked wasn’t interested in hiring anyone new at that time. Despite this roadblock, I had a plan.

I have this belief that if you work hard enough and set goals you can accomplish anything. This belief has always been my driving force no matter what I was doing. So with that mindset, I would stop by every other day and bug the service manager about hiring me. Finally, he got tired of me coming by and said, “All right. You can start.” Everybody said that I was absolutely crazy to go from a skilled position over to being a licensed animal exclusion technician, but it paid off. It just takes the right drive and desires.

I started working for that company and I worked under Phil as his service manager. During my time at Redi National, I set a goal of being the best I could. For five years I worked my way up the ladder and I got to the top spot. I then realized I was capable of going out and making a better company on my own. So I took the risk and successfully created and ran a business called Bio Bug with a partner that was double my age. I then flipped the script on Phil and hired him as one of my animal technicians. Phil was my boss at Redi National and then I was his boss at Bio Bug. After five years my partner was ready to retire, and Phil and I were both ready to try something new. So my partner and I sold Bio Bug and Phil moved down to Arizona for a little while. I then moved on to start Clean Crawls. At the start, it was just three or four guys doing all of the work. Then a couple years later Phil moved back to Washington and joined my team again and he is still working at Clean Crawls.

Even after all these years, Clean Crawls is still a family-owned and operated business that provides crawl space and attic cleaning to the Pacific Northwest. Clean Crawls has grown since I first started it to specialize in removing not only unwanted moisture, animals, and dirt from attics and crawl spaces, but also insulation installation.

For more information please contact us today at 866-606-2914. We would love to hear from you.

Chuck Henrichsen

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