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Why You Need to Address Crawl Space Problems Immediately

By Mike on July 18, 2017

Many people have crawl space problems, but don't take the time to address these issues in their crawl space. Unfortunately, if you don’t fix your crawl space problems quickly, you will experience health issues and damage to your home. The longer you ignore these issues also means that the price to fix the damage will go up as well. Thousands of dollars worth of property damage can result if a crawl space problem doesn’t get fixed immediately.

Why You Need to Address Crawl Space Problems Immediately

Crawl Space Problems You Need to Address Immediately

There are several different problems that can develop in an uncared for crawl space, many of which can cause serious damage to your home. Below we've outlined the most common and damaging problems should be immediately addressed in your crawl space.


If you smell mold in your home or have a wet crawl space, you probably have a crawl space moisture problem. Opening crawl space vents allows moisture to creep in, causing mold, mildew, dust mites, and wood rot.

Additionally, moisture rises when it evaporates in your crawl space. When this happens, the moisture goes through the insulation, walls, and floors of your home, ruining your home. The longer you wait to fix it means that the problem just gets worse and costs you more money.

If you have dirt in your crawl space, it’s best that you clean it up, especially if you have an open crawl space vent. The exposed dirt in your crawl space attracts and absorbs moisture. When the dirt dries, it causes humidity levels to rise in your home. When humidity levels change in your home, you’re likely to turn up your air conditioner to a cooler temperature resulting in higher electric bills.

Extreme Weather

Even though too much water can be bad for your crawl space, so can a drought. Droughts will suck moisture from the ground, resulting in settlement issues.

Winter storms can also cause damage in your crawl space from flooding and too much moisture in the soil next to your home. If too much moisture reaches the soil next to your home, it will cause the soil to expand, resulting in foundation and settlement issues.

House Settling

Another issue that could be causing crawl space problems is your house settling. Houses start settling when the dirt underneath your house can no longer hold the weight from the house. Poor soil preparation and moisture problems are common causes of houses settling.

Poor drainage could be one of the causes of your house settling. If your home doesn’t have a drainage system in place, all of the water that lands on your roof and gutters will land near the foundation of your house. When this happens, the water forces the soil to expand, pushing the soil against your crawl space and causing water to come in and cracks to form.

Another issue may be plumbing leaks. If you have a plumbing leak in your home, it will spread to your crawl space. If you have cracks in your pipes or water lines leading to your home, it can create foundation issues as well as water damage in your crawl space.


Another problem that may be causing crawl space issues is the way your house was built. Your foundation, support beams, and floor joists have a big role in protecting your crawl space. If support pier columns aren’t properly installed, it can cause sagging floor joists. Sagging floor joists causes squeaky, uneven, sagging floors.

The type of crawl space foundation that you have indicates if your crawl space will have issues. Some crawl space foundations let in more air and water compared to others.

Concrete Blocks

The most common type of foundation installed is concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are inexpensive and significantly easier to install compared to other types of foundations. Concrete blocks let in a lot of air and water which causes water damage, mold, and wood rot.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete is common in newer homes. Poured concrete doesn’t allow air or water in unless there is a hole or crack in the foundation.

Stone Walls

Stone walls are commonly found in older homes. Unfortunately, stone walls allow a lot of water and air to leak in your crawl space.

Benefits of Healthy Crawl Spaces


When you have mold or mildew issues in your home, it can cause serious health problems for everyone in your household. Conversely, a healthy home will enable you to also be healthy.


Fixing crawl space problems quickly will save you money in the long run. The longer you wait, the more damage you'll have.


If you have crawl space issues and you get them fixed, you won't have to worry about your foundation creating cracks. When your foundation begins to develop cracks, it can be extremely pricey to get it fixed.

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If you have any issues with your crawl space, be sure to contact us here at Clean Crawls immediately. Handling a flood in your crawl space can be a tremendous ordeal. Thankfully, we’re here to help you handle the aftermath of a flood. Clean Crawls has several companies who we trust and use to get standing water out of your crawl space, and to dry it out. Often the cause of water in your crawl space is poor drainage and we also have a company for that.  Once it is dry we will remove the ruined insulation, and install a new vapor barrier and new insulation, we will also check for mold, and for soundness of beams and foundations.

It’s important to get your crawl space fixed before the problems get worse, and we are able to fix your crawl space problems at an affordable cost. We Do The Work That You Don't Want To!™


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