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6 Reasons Why Prescriptive Air Sealing Your Home Should Be on Your To-Do List

By Mike on February 28, 2017

You may be surprised to learn that a massive amount of energy is wasted due to cracks, holes, and gaps in your house. This can cause several issues around your house, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of repairs and medical expenses. However, you can protect your house and your family by prescriptive air sealing your home. prescriptive air sealing will prevent any air transfer from your house, cutting energy costs and creating a comfortable living environment at the same time.

How Air Leaks Affect Your Home

Air leaks are responsible for energy loss and house deterioration. Obvious air leaks are often taken care of through DIY projects. However, hidden air leaks are the root problem. Heating and cooling accounts for 54% of your energy consumption, and depending on the house, air leaks can account for more than half of that.

Air Duct Sealing

Besides skyrocketing your energy consumption, air leaks also damage your house’s structural integrity. The air that leaks out must be replaced, and is usually drawn from the ground. If you don’t have a proper vapor barrier installed, moisture will be absorbed as well, potentially resulting in mold development, water damage, or animal infestations. Even the air that enters through the tiny gaps around your house can carry moisture - moisture which can damage your home’s foundation.

What is Prescriptive Air Sealing?

Prescriptively air sealing your home is the process of restricting the passage of air flow through the tiny gaps and cracks around your house. Air leaks out of your house because of the difference in exterior and interior air pressure, allowing heat to transfer in and out. This reduces the efficiency of your insulation and increases your energy consumption. Prescriptively air sealing your home prevents heat loss by restricting both obvious and hidden air leaks. 


Benefits of Prescriptively Air Sealing Your House

Prescriptively air sealing your home has many benefits, but it’s not an easy task. Obvious gaps are easy to find and fill, but air escapes through hundreds of hidden leaks around your house. In addition, you need a set of specific tools that will help you seal out the gaps that are responsible for air and heat transfer. Contact a professional prescriptive air sealing service provider to test your home, carry our repairs, and assure that all the gaps and other air leaks around your house are sealed off.  

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of your house usually depends on the age of your house. Newer homes are built with energy efficiency in mind, but older homes that have been equipped with heating and cooling units use a lot more energy. Both new and old builds can benefit from prescriptive air sealing, but the difference for older homes can be dramatic. It is estimated that a newer build can save between 5-15% in energy consumption with prescriptive air sealing. Older houses, however, can save anywhere between 25-50% on energy expenses once they are prescriptively air sealed properly.

Increase Indoor Air Quality

Fresh, outdoor air is the best way to increase indoor air quality. However, relying on the cracks and gaps in your house for ventilation is a bad idea. These gaps are uncontrolled and can carry moisture, pollution, and allergens inside and around your home. Instead, try prescriptive air sealing your home and installing proper ventilation methods like windows and vents. Strategically placing windows and air sealing your home will increase air quality and overall comfort, and you will be able to regulate the amount of time your ventilation is open.

Prevent Mold Development Around Your House

Mold spores are airborne and can be found almost anywhere. They float around and catch wind drifts, and can easily end up in our attics and crawl spaces. However, spores need dark, moist environments to thrive. prescriptive air sealing your home helps you maintain dry crawl spaces and attics, and stops mold from proliferating in your house.

Increase Comfort Around Your Home

Cold drafts, noticeable temperature differences, cold floors, and cold walls can create discomfort for you and your family. Although more of a nuisance, these little annoyances create unnecessary stress at home.

Prevents House Deterioration

Airborne toxins, pollutants, and mold spores can all damage your home’s foundation. Prescriptive air sealing your home will prevent any of these particles from entering your crawl space and attic. Your energy units will also experience a longer lifespan because they will work less to regulate temperature around your house. In addition, prescriptive air sealing your home will keep your attic and crawl space dry, preventing any water damage, animals, or mold development.

It’s Cost Effective

Prescriptive air sealing is a relatively inexpensive repair and can start saving you money immediately after it’s carried out. You will notice a drop in energy consumption and improved air quality and will have peace of mind knowing your house is protected against mold and other air leak related damages.

Prescriptive air sealing your home is the most underrated house repair when it comes to energy consumption and overall air quality. Hiring a professional to handle your air sealing needs will guarantee a healthy, energy efficient home.

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