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5 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

By Mike on June 17, 2016

spray foam insulation

At Clean Crawls, we’re big fans of spray foam insulation. While a crawl space cleaning can do a substantial amount to improve your home’s air quality and your energy costs, a spray foam insulation installation can seal things up for good and eliminate any worries in the distant future.

Now that summer is upon us, cooling can become a big consideration for your home. If your crawl space is not well-insulated, you will be at risk of heat transferring into the home. This can cause your air conditioner to have to work overtime and continually pump cold air into the home.

Our crawl space insulation installation material of choice is spray foam. Here’s what we’ve got to back that choice up.

1. Outstanding Energy Savings

Due to its powerful insulative properties, people have been saving massive amounts on their energy expenses by opting for spray foam insulation. With a high R-value of 6.0 spray foam insulation keeps the heat and the cool right where you want them. Spray foam insulation has shown to provide energy savings that average around 50% or more, as opposed to other types of insulation which only save about 30% on average.

2. Built-in Moisture Barrier

With cracks and holes in your crawl space or walls, there is a lot more than air that can get inside. You’re left exposed to water and moisture, which can dampen and damage these areas if your crawl space is not properly sealed.

Impermeable to water, spray foam insulation thoroughly seals and protects your crawl space or attic area from any and all moisture or leaks. However, spray foam insulation is not able to absorb water from flooding, like other materials.

3. Deters Mold

A spray foam insulation installation ensures that there won’t be any moisture in your crawl space. This alone helps deter the growth of mold and mildew, but it doesn’t stop there. Spray foam insulation is composed of a special inert polymer that bacteria or mold can’t harvest any food from. There’s no way that they can use it to make a new home. If your home is insulated with spray foam’s closed-cell insulation, it’s substantially more resistant to mold and mildew.

4. Air-Tight Seal

In addition to being water-tight, spray foam insulation is air-tight, too. Uniquely capable of thoroughly sealing all of the cracks or holes that may be in your crawl space or attic, you won’t have to worry one bit about air leaks with spray foam. Commonly, air leaks are responsible for most of the high energy bills—by creating an airtight seal, spray foam is hardly susceptible to air infiltration.

5. Longest Lifespan

Because spray foam insulation is comprised of inert polymers, it is able to last almost indefinitely. Because of this, homes and businesses can enjoy the benefits of spray foam insulation year after year, and they never need to pay any more mind to their crawl space insulation needs. When families or businesses invest in spray foam insulation, they can save money over 20 years due to the cumulative energy savings due to spray foam’s unique ability to perform at top level for its entire life.

To learn more about the benefits that spray foam insulation offers, download our eBook for exclusive information.

Spray foam insulation is by far the best means of insulation for crawl spaces and attics that has become available. At Clean Crawls, we are dedicated to providing top-notch insulation services with the highest quality materials. We’d love to help you insulate your home so that you can take part in all the benefits it has to offer. For more information, give us a call or fill out our contact form.


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