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There’s Water in My Crawl Space; What Now?

By Mike on May 20, 2016

Finding water in your crawl space is always an unpleasant surprise. Many homeowners don’t frequent their crawl spaces often, if ever. This means that water is usually discovered after a flood or heavy rainfall, or it can be due to unpleasant smells issuing from beneath the floorboards.

If you’re in this boat, never fear! The Clean Crawls crawl space cleaning team knows everything there is to know about removing water and water-damaged insulation from a crawl space. We are a locally owned company founded in the rainiest city in the country, after all!

crawl space flooding

What Do I Do?

Our first piece of advice is that you should NOT enter the crawl space. If you’ve already been in and out safely, please do not enter again. Crawl spaces that have not been cared for can be dangerous places, but this is especially true when there is water in the space. This water can contain feces, or it can have caused wood rot, resilting in compromised beams. Many crawl spaces also have nails, sharp corners, and animals inside of them.

Instead, call our office at 360-651-1765 to schedule a free consultation with someone from our team. We can come out and inspect the area, fully equipped in protective gear. We’ll look around, take some pictures, and give you a detailed and honest report on the condition of your crawl space.

Choose Your Crawl Space Cleaning Company

While Clean Crawls was the first company of its kind, in the last decade we’ve seen several competitors pop up. We can confidently say, however, that we have many years of experience and knowledge on these smaller companies. Our teams are top-of-the-line and committed to our Clean Crawls customers. Our neighbors throughout Everett, Seattle, Redmond, Tacoma, and even Olympia are all our customers, and we take caring for our neighbors very seriously.

We welcome our customers to assess the competition in the area, because we are 100% confident that our company offers the best crawl space cleaning services to be found. As the original crawl space cleaning company, we don’t think this is boastful to say.

crawl space flooding

Have Your Crawl Space Cleaned

Handling a flood in your crawl space can be a tremendous ordeal. Thankfully, we’re here to help you handle the aftermath of a flood. Clean Crawls has several companies who we trust and use to get standing water out of your crawl space, and to dry it out. Often the cause of water in your crawl space is poor drainage and we also know an awesome company for that. Following a thorough cleanup of the space, we start by repairing cracks in the walls, corners, or foundation, laying a new vapor barrier, replacing damaged insulation with new insulation, and checking for sound beams and foundation.

We’ll work out an available time convenient for you for our crew to come out and begin work. Here’s what’ll happen:

  1. Our crew will go in and assess the area wearing their protective gear. They’ll then begin removing all affected insulation and other debris.
  2. The water will be removed using a variety of tools, including a vacuum.
  3. The team will assess the source of the water - sometimes this is just residual water from a flood, or sometimes a pipe has burst and will require a plumber to fix it. Whatever the reason, our crew will do everything they can to ensure that you’re able to protect your crawl space from a repeat of water damage.
  4. The entire space is thoroughly cleaned and re-insulated using whatever grade of insulation you and your sales representitive have agreed upon. A vapor barrier may also be installed at this time. Your vents and and crawl space access sealings are checked and repaired if necessary.
  5. Our crew completes their work, removes all debris and garbage, and you’re left with a clean, water-free crawl space!

If you’re worried about the condition of your crawl space, please contact our team to talk about your options. Our team is always happy to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your home health.

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