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Attic Insulation Basics: Knee Walls vs Regular Attics

By Mike on March 2, 2016

When it comes to savings on your energy bill and keeping your home feeling cozy, there is no debate that a well-insulated attic is your greatest asset. But replacing and cleaning the insulation in the attic can vary depending on what type of attic your home has.

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If you asked a child to draw a house, they’d probably draw a simple square box with a triangle sitting on top. Most homes that are over 70 years old will have this characteristic attic. But halfway through the 20th century, modern architects began to explore additional types of attics in order to improve a home’s energy efficiency.

Two types of such attics are knee wall attics and “regular” attics. To help understand the differences between these, we’ll talk a little bit about what an attic insulation installation may look like for each one, and what advantages they pose for your home.

Knee Wall Attic

A knee wall attic is an attic space that, while still triangular, has a square living space sitting in the middle of the triangular shape. The name comes from the knee-high wall that gives way to the actual attic lining which surrounds it.

Some people like to have a knee wall attic because it maximizes the living space within their home. Why leave the attic unused for nothing but storage and cobwebs? With the knee wall space, they can enjoy a furnished living space at the top of the home.

However, attic cleaning and insulation can be very difficult with this type of attic. Due to the naturally small space of this attic, its accessibility can be very limited. This can pose great challenges in attic insulation replacements or treating problems like animals in the attic.

Failing to effectively insulate the attic can lead to the loss of heat in your home, which in turn results in a higher energy bill.

While knee wall attics can be charming and add to your home’s usable space, they can be very difficult attics to insulate or clean out.

Regular Attic

In contrast to a knee wall’s hybrid living/attic space, a regular attic is an open attic that sits atop a home either in the traditional triangular shape or a rectangular space that matches the home’s footprint.

These types of attics are a bit more straightforward to work with, though they come at the sacrifice of having an added living space on top of the home. An attic cleaning and insulation replacement in this type of attic can do a lot to improve the energy efficiency of your home and ensure that there are no unwanted animals in the attic. We recommend a spray foam insulation to make sure that you’re making the most of your home’s energy as well as keeping all of these critters out.

No Matter the Job

Our Everett attic insulation company can work with any type of attic, regardless of the architecture. Whether knee wall, regular, or a special case all its own, we’re your go-to resource for attic insulation replacement and cleaning. Give us a call today for a free quote!

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