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5 Reasons to Maintain a Clean Crawl Space for Your Home

By Mike on February 29, 2016

You might never go into your crawlspace, but that's what we do best.

You dust and vacuum regularly, but when was the last time you thought about cleaning your crawlspace? Many people don't, at least not until there's a problem. But some problems aren't obvious until they affect your quality of life indoors.

Maybe you're chillier than you should be, or there's a nagging odor that you can't quite place. Or maybe someone in your family has a problem with allergies. Any of these signals could mean that your crawlspace needs attention, but Clean Crawls can make everything right again.

Eliminate Pesky Rodents

Where there's a crawlspace, chances are there'll eventually be rodents. It says nothing about your home and everything about the opportunistic nature of these critters. Crawlspaces are dark, secluded, relatively quiet, and perfect nesting spots for mice, rats and other animals. And where there are rodents, you'll have rodent droppings.

Cleaning the crawlspace eliminates both the rodents that might live there and the mess that they leave behind. That protects your whole house, too. Once established in a crawlspace, it's just a matter of time before they work their way up between walls and into the rest of your home.

Remove Hazardous Mold

There are several different kinds of mold. Some molds are toxic, and some are a nightmare for allergy sufferers. Either way, mold in you crawlspace means that it should be cleaned by professionals who know what they're dealing with and how to remove it.

The average home owner can't adequately locate and remove traces of mold. And perhaps even more important, identifying mold is a real challenge. Not all mold that looks dark in color is the "black mold" that you hear about in the news. But some mold that doesn't look especially dangerous is a genuine health hazard. You might not recognize the difference. But at Clean Crawls, we've got 20 years of experience in creating a clean and healthy environment.

clean crawl space everett wa crawl space cleaning
With new or improved crawlspace insulation, your HVAC unit will get a break.

Save Energy and Stay More Comfortable

You hear a lot about attic insulation, but in this part of the country, crawlspace insulation is a big part of your overall comfort. It chases the chill away from floors and interior walls, which helps take some of the extra burden off your HVAC system. We remove old insulation and install new, so your whole house stays more comfortable.

This is especially important if you have, or have had, a rodent problem, water problem or both. Rodents tear through insulation. It's a great nesting material for them, but their nests leave you with critical gaps in protection. And if condensation or water leaks have dampened the old insulation, you could have mold and structural rot behind it. We'll clear away the problems and leave you with fresh, clean, effective, new insulation.

Find and Control Dampness

Where there's water, there's a host of problems for your home. Water can come from a plumbing leak, infiltration from an improper grade around the house, and condensation is a big culprit, too. Correcting the water source keeps the problem from happening again, and cleanout means you'll start over with a healthier space.

Dampness under the house can wick up to the attic, where it sometimes mimics a roof leak. And it can also attract certain undesirables such as insects and other animals. And then there's the obvious mold and mildew. The answer is a dry, clean crawl space to protect your whole house and everyone in it.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

A crawlspace should smell like soil, since that's what's under your house. But if you smell anything besides dirt, you might have a problem. For every issue under a house, you have the potential for odors inside your home. Fortunately, most of them are manageable.

Animal droppings, broken drain lines, mold and dearly departed mice or other animals all leave a telltale odor and harm the air quality indoors, but Clean Crawls can handle it. We'll remove the offending source, then sanitize the soil under your home. That leaves nothing but clean air inside.

The condition of your crawlspace directly and indirectly affects your quality of life. Your floors might be too cold, which makes your heat system work far too hard. Or maybe there's dampness and mold lingering under your house, which works its way inside where everyone breathes it. Then again, maybe you have a mouse under the house and you'd really like to send it on its way.

Clean Crawls has specialized in cleaning and restoring crawlspaces for over 20 years, and we can make yours healthier, too. Download our How to Know When Your Crawl Space Needs Cleaning e-book today, and contact us for more information.


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