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4 Ways an Attic Cleaning Service Safeguards Your Home

By Mike on February 19, 2016

Most insulation doesn't last forever, and that's just one of the problems that can lurk inside your attic.

Cleaning your attic means something more than knocking down cobwebs, moving holiday decorations and generally tidying up. A professional attic cleaning service can make your home healthier and more efficient, and evict unwanted visitors.

Some attic problems are unhealthy and dangerous, and some cost you money. But they're correctable when you rely on the right team of professionals.

Here are 4 ways an attic cleaning service can safeguard your home:

#1: Identify and Remove Hazardous Insulation

Your home might have adequate insulation. In fact, it might have ample insulation, even though most homes don't. But if the material contains asbestos, it's better off removed and replaced with something safe and effective.

Asbestos attic insulation is often a material called vermiculite, which was used in many homes. says some was installed as late as the early-1990s. Its gray or tan pebbly appearance is easy to identify, but removing it is definitely not a DIY job. Vermiculite is friable, which means it's very easy to inhale without the proper hazardous materials protective gear.

#2: Detect Hidden Air Leaks

Attic insulation is supposed to minimize heat transfer, but air leaks reduces insulation's effectiveness dramatically. And with insulation in place, you might never see the leaks or know they're there. When Clean Crawls cleans your attic, leaks become more evident, which means they can be sealed.

Leaks might be found between joists, around wiring, plumbing pipes and furnace flues, and around the attic hatch door, if yours has one. More hidden leaks might be behind knee walls and along the exterior wall plate. Each of those areas can encourage warm air loss, but sealing them up stops that effect.

Mice in your attic are decidedly less adorable than this little guy.

#3: Remove Vermin Droppings and Mess

Attics can be cozy, especially compared to the outdoors in wintertime. That's why vermin often nest in attic space, giving birth to younglings there, too. And where vermin live, hazardous droppings can be found.

Removing contaminated insulation gets rid of the dangerous waste left by vermin, and it also removes the nest. Fewer critters might be attracted in the future, and your home can stay cleaner and healthier.

#4: Improve Insulation Effectiveness

Insulation that's very old can flatten out on its own and get filled with all sorts of things, from ordinary dust and dirt to animal droppings. Aside from the health problems associated with dirty insulation, it also loses effectiveness.

Fiberglass and loose-fill insulation need some loft to work properly, says Fine Homebuilding. You might call it "fluffiness." Contaminated with dirt and debris, it gets packed down and loses a lot of its air and loft, and re-fluffing old insulation isn't typically possible. But with the old insulation gone and new insulation in its place, your home will be cleaner and more comfortable.

A lot can happen in an attic, and most of it goes unnoticed until you make the trek upstairs. You might pay higher energy bills and feel colder, and you might also notice the pitter-patter of uninvited little feet. Whatever problems persist in the unused space above the ceiling, the local, family-owned pros at Clean Crawls can help.

If your attic hasn't been addressed in a while, contact us to learn more ways our attic cleaning service can make your home healthier and more comfortable.

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