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How to Know When Your Attic Insulation Needs Replacing

By Mike on February 15, 2016

A well-insulated attic is a happy attic. If the attic is happy, so is the rest of the home! They are just like the head that sits on top of your shoulders; if you’ve got a headache, the rest of the body usually suffers too.

Noticing chilly drafts in the house, scratching heard through the ceiling, and less than desirable air quality can be strong clues that your attic is an unhappy one and may be in need of a fresh attic insulation installation.

Let’s explore some of the potential clues that it may be time for your home to have an attic cleanout, and when you should consider contacting an attic insulation company.


Toxic Air in the House

Though people often think of the attic as being an area that’s stuffy and hot, attics are actually quite prone to moisture-related issues. Attic insulation can become worn out over time, leaving cracks or holes that can be easy access points for moisture to enter in. This may cause the attic to be damp, which can beget the growth of mold and mildew.

Having mold or mildew in the attic can be hazardous to one’s health, as these substances can affect the air quality in your home. It is estimated that at least 40% of the oxygen you breathe in your home passes through the attic, making it critical that there are no toxic substances in the attic which could be inhaled. Here are a few signs that you may have mold or mildew in your air.

    1. Allergies - If you notice allergic symptoms more often in your own home than you do when you go out, you may have a mold issue in your attic.
    2. Mold Scent - Mold has a distinctive, unpleasant smell. If your home has an odd scent to it, this could be a sign of mold growth as well.
    3. Water Leaks - If you see any signs of water leakage in your ceiling or wall, this could indicate an exposure in your attic’s insulation. You should contact an attic insulation company right away.


A professional inspection of your attic helps you decide whether it may be time for an attic insulation replacement. In doing so, you can avoid potential damage to your home.

Being confident that the air you’re breathing is mold-free is a compelling reason to consider investing in a professional attic cleaning and insulation replacement.

Pesky Critters in the Attic

Your attic insulation can make a cozy little studio apartment for local rodents. Rats are such a source of unpleasant feelings, that their very name is synonymous with bad news. The phrase “Oh rats,” seldom indicates anything positive.

Of course, rats and mice are the last things that you want to have crawling around in your attic. Animals in the attic insulation are not limited solely to rats. If your attic is in need of a clean out, it can be vulnerable to rodents, insects, and even birds.

Old attic insulation in need of replacement makes an ideal material for such creatures to create nests and dwell in. However, the latest innovation in insulation is spray foam. Spray foam insulation is formed when two composite materials react together, forming a strong foam barrier. This type of material is much less ideal for creatures to form a nest in, and much more ideal for sealing cracks to keep animals out for good.

If you suspect that there may be unwanted animals in the attic, you should consider having a professional animal inspection.

Heating and Cooling Issues

Perhaps the most commonly reported symptom of inadequate attic insulation is the escape of your home’s precious heat.An attic that is ineffectively insulated makes it difficult to retain the heat that’s pumped into your home, and in turn cause a higher monthly energy bill.

If you find that despite your heater running all the time there is a distinctive draft in the house, it may be time to consider an attic insulation replacement. Many people who invest in an attic clean out notice significant savings on their monthly energy bill.

This can be particularly vital during the winter season, but the benefits extend through the summer months as well, as the cool air can escape just the same as the warm air does. Contact our Everett attic insulation company if you believe that your house’s HVAC may be fighting an uphill battle against your attic’s insulation.

Contact a Professional

Attempting to self-diagnose your attic for an insulation replacement can be difficult, and performing the job yourself can be even more painful. Let’s recap a few reasons why you may need your insulation replaced...


  • Toxic, moldy air
  • Animals in the house
  • Drafts and high energy bills

Breathing clean air, saving money, and banishing animals for good are all compelling reasons to have a professional inspect your attic.

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