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Should I Replace My Attic Insulation After Storm Damage?

By Mike on December 18, 2015

Washington storms can be pretty hard on Everett homes. If the strong winds, heavy rain, and the occasional snow and hail aren’t wearing away at your roof, it only takes some airborne debris or a falling tree limb to knock off some shingles and leave your house exposed.


Some problems such a tree limb in your roof or a gaping hole in your attic will be noticed and addressed very quickly. Other issues like a steady leak in the roof or plumbing may go on for several years before the problem is discovered. In either case, your attic and its insulation can be damaged from its exposure to the elements.

Different Insulations, Different Solutions

Depending on the type of insulation in your attic and its exposure to wind and rain, you may not need to replace it. Take a look at our selection below to determine the kind of care your attic insulation needs after being damaged by a storm.

Fiberglass / Cellulose Insulation

If your attic insulation is comprised mainly of fiberglass or cellulose insulation, it will probably need to be replaced. These insulations are made up of absorbent and fluffy materials like recycled paper and glass. They will quickly soak up any amount of water and will not work effectively again, even after being dried out.

If only a small area of the insulation has been affected, remove only that small area. If the whole attic has been exposed, a full reinstallation of your attic insulation may be necessary.

Foam Boards

Many Everett homes have had foam boards installed as their attic insulation. While the outsides of these boards are impermeable to water and wind, water can still find its way in between the foam board and the wall behind it. Because of its impermeable surface, the water sits against the wood and can encourage rot and decay.

If your attic has foam board insulation, we recommend removing the boards from the wall to see if water has gotten behind it. Allow the walls and foam panels to dry, and then return them to the wall.

Steel Wool Insulation

Steel wool insulation is similar in appearance to fiberglass insulation, but has a much stronger resistance to water. In fact, unless there are signs of water in the insulation, you shouldn’t have to worry much at all about your steel wool insulation.

Because it is coated in a water retardant, steel wool is generally impermeable to water. If it got a little wet because of rain exposure, give it time to dry out and you should be set to go.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a unique polyurethane compound that has become popular for its incredibly high R-value (resistance to heat transfer) and its high water resistance. If spray foam insulation is exposed to water, you have nothing to fear. This unique material can easily be dried out and retains its insulating capabilities. Spray foam insulation cannot be used as a food source for mold or mildew.

Clean Crawls Attic Insulation

If you are in need of new attic insulation, contact our team at Clean Crawls. One of our expert technicians will be able to analyze your Everett attic, discern its needs, and recommend ideal services and resources. You will be amazed at the affect this simple renovation can have on your home.

For more information about our attic services, contact Clean Crawls today by giving us a call at (866)-518-8122 or by filling out our contact form.


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