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Why Seattle Residents Love Crawl Space Cleaning

By Mike on October 22, 2015

The crawl space is generally not a very fun place to be. The cramped quarters, proximity to the ground, and the surrounding insulation make the whole experience pretty unpleasant for most people. For Seattle residents with dirty crawl spaces, the situation is made even worse.


Unkempt crawl spaces are known to be wet, muddy, cramped, and smelly places. If the crawl space had ever been home to a animal infestation, it is likely that the space would also contain garbage, feces, and possibly even dead animals.

Thankfully, local crawl space cleaning companies are happy to deal with these elements so that homeowners don’t have to. Here are several reasons why homeowners love crawl space cleaning companies.

1. Efficient Work

Crawl space cleaners are trained to work efficiently and accurately, despite the fact that they are operating in cramped and limited space. While homeowners might find themselves getting frustrated at the project’s slow pace, crawl space cleaners provide thorough and experienced services in a short amount of time.

2. Avoid Unpleasant Conditions

Some crawl spaces are worse than others, but spaces that have experienced intense mold growth, heavy flooding, or a serious infestation can be pretty miserable to work in. Thankfully, there are those that will gladly work in these unpleasant conditions so that you don’t have to! Your local crawl space cleaning company can aid you in ridding your crawl space of any dangerous materials and restoring the space to safer and more pleasant conditions.

3. Clean Space

No one likes to anticipate being in a nasty crawl space, much less having to spend a weekend or more working in that environment. With their training, equipment, and products, crawl space cleaning companies can thoroughly clean out and restore your crawl space in a very short time.

You have no need to stress about dealing with disgusting materials when the professionals are happy to rid your crawl space of garbage, old insulation, torn vapor barriers, debris, and animal remains. They can even provide mold and mildew treatments to protect the integrity of your crawl space.

4. Diagnose Problems


Often times, poor crawl space conditions are the result of other problems with your home. Whether it be a water leak, open air vents, or a poor vapor barrier, our experienced team can help you diagnose any problems with your crawl space so that you can avoid dealing with these unpleasant conditions again.

5. Additional Services

Crawl space cleaning is usually only the first step in restoring your crawl space. Unless steps are taken to protect your crawl space from harm, the conditions that made your crawl space the unpleasant and disastrous space that it was will only return.

The best way to protect your crawl space is to outfit it with all that it needs to regulate its humidity, block energy transfer, and prevent animal infestations. Some of these services include:

  • Air Sealing: To prevent air, water, dust, and insects from getting into the crawl space, a thorough air sealing can close any cracks, holes, or gaps in the walls or foundation.
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier: Moisture from the ground evaporates through the crawl space floor and increases space’s humidity levels. A vapor barrier can be installed across the surface of the crawl space to prevent evaporation.
  • Crawl Space Insulation: To prevent the energy in your home from escaping through the crawl space, insulation can be installed to help regulate a comfortable climate in your home.
  • Crawl Space Animal Exclusion: Animals in the crawl space can do significant damage to the strength and integrity of your home. Crawl space animal exclusion can be a preventative treatment.

At Clean Crawls, we provide all of the crawl space services listed above, including crawl space cleaning. Our customers are thrilled that they do not have to work in their own cramped crawl spaces and are amazed at the impact our services have on the air quality and energy efficiency of their homes.

We would love to talk with you about all the ways that a thorough crawl space cleaning can benefit your home and family. For more information, contact us today by giving us a call at (866)-610-0098 or filling out our contact form.

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