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What You Might Find While Cleaning Your Attic

By Mike on October 8, 2015

Most people don’t spend much time crawling around in their attic. While we might store various seasonal belongings and treasured keepsakes there, our attics are not spaces that we spend much time thinking about.

Now and then, however, our attics draw our attention to more serious problems. Stains on the ceiling, leaks from the roof, strange smells, and animal problems might make us consider our attics. If not maintained for several years, the attic can contain some shocking and unpleasant surprises. Here are a list of some possible problems you might find while exploring your attic.


1. Sunlight

You may see spots of daylight peeking through tiny cracks or holes as you look around at the rafters, walls, beams, and insulation.  Many Everett attics are full of tiny cracks, gaps, holes, and spaces. If these tiny holes can let in the gentle sunlight, then they can also welcome a myriad of other things. Many of the problems that you find throughout your attic are caused by these tiny holes.

2. Dust

Dirty, dusty air can squeeze through the tiny holes in your attic, making the attic and its contents feel grimy and filthy. Over the course of several years, this problem can escalate to produce a dusty, drudgy environment. This dusty air often gets pulled down into the living space, diminishing the air quality.

3. Clutter

The attic can be a great storage place for items you only need once or twice a year. But if not maintained and cleaned out regularly, our attics can start to fill up with stuff we don’t need or want. Unnecessary items in your attic will serve only to take up space and collect more dust.

4. Animals

Animals in the attic is a common and unpleasant discovery for many Everett families. Homeowners can find animals alive, dead, or some of both. These animals can range from squirrels, rats, and mice, to insects like ants, wasps, and termites.

The attic a common place for animals because it holds all the elements a animal might want in a home and it’s easy to access. With numerous access points through holes and cracks, animals discover that the attic is a warm, sheltered, and comfortable place to live. Proximity to food and water seals the deal for most attic animals.

5. Water

Many homeowners are confused when they find moist insulation, damp belongings, and water beads throughout their attic. How did it get there? Usually, it is because of the tiny holes and cracks in the attic that allow air and moisture to circulate. When the wet, outside air enters through these spaces, it condenses on the walls, insulation, beams, and belongings in the attic, gradually soaking everything.

6. Odors

Whether it’s because of a animal infestation or because the water in the attic has produced mold and mildew colonies, the attic can start to produce a variety of unpleasant odors. This air can also contain mold spores, allergens, and other contaminants that are then circulated down into the living spaces. Low indoor air quality and inexplicable aromas can be directly linked to a dirty attic.

7. Insulation

The insulation installed in the attics of Everett homes changes between contractors. Some might have long section of fiberglass secured between the beams, while others might have one thick blanket of blown-in cellulose insulation covering the whole attic floor. If your home doesn’t have insulation, it could probably use it.

Attic insulation is often flat, dirty, or wet. These conditions are caused by the problems listed above. Attic insulation can be seriously damaged by the dirt, water, and animals that enter the attic through unsealed cracks and holes. Insulation that is shredded, compressed, or moist can’t do its job properly.

Proper Attic Cleaning


Holes, cracks, moisture, and animals in your attic can pose serious health and financial risks to your home. The air quality of your home is lowered by dangerous animals and mildew growth in your attic. Everett homeowners are forced to pay unreasonably high energy bills because their attics lack the insulation necessary to make their home’s energy efficient. There are many benefits that await homeowners that decide to clean out their attic.

Clean Out the Space

Cleaning your attic gives you the opportunity to restore your attic’s cleanliness and safety. By removing all belongings, tearing out old insulation, vacuuming up debris, and cleaning the area of any mold or animal remains, you can be sure that nothing in your attic will negatively affect the air quality and health of your home.

Seal Holes and Cracks

By closing these tiny areas, you can prevent water, dust, and animals from entering your attic. Professional attic cleaning companies offer specialized air sealing services that inspect the space for cracks, holes, and openings, then tightly seal them shut. This simple procedure keeps air from circulating, prevents moisture from causing wood rot and condensation, and seals critters out of your attic.

Restore Attic Insulation

After your attic has been thoroughly cleaned up and sealed, it’s time to restore your attic insulation. Homeowners can enjoy substantial savings on their energy expenses simply by installing sufficient amounts of clean insulation. Attic insulation services can recommend and install the highest quality insulations in your attic to make your home both comfortable and energy efficient.

Contact Clean Crawls

At Clean Crawls, we provide attic cleaning, air sealing, and attic insulation services for homeowners throughout Everett. After cleaning out and restoring your attic, you can enjoy a healthy home and great energy savings. We would love to help you transform your attic from a dark, dirty abyss into a space that is clean and safe. For more information, contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our contact form.


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