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How to Avoid Seattle’s Growing Rat Problem

By Mike on September 21, 2015

Seattle’s rat population has recently undergone exponential growth. While the rodent count is still a weak match to that of New York City or Chicago, a recent survey listed the Seattle-Tacoma area as one of the top twelve U.S. cities with an overwhelming rat population.


Why the Rodent Rise?

Most major U.S. cities have had to deal with a persistent rat population simply because urban areas present excellent living conditions. Seattle is damp, but not cold, with easy access to garbage, plenty of water, and innumerable hiding places makes this busy city the ideal location for rats to feed and breed. Seattle’s recent reconstruction projects are also responsible for forcing a number of rats to relocate to more residential areas.

Seattle homeowners are desperate for ways to keep these dangerous and destructive critters out of their homes. Here are five simple ways to defend your home against the recent rat invasion:

Five Steps to Avoid a Rodent Infestation

There are five important steps that Seattle homeowners can take to make sure that their home doesn’t fall prey to a rodent infestation:

1. Clean Your Crawl Space

A Seattle crawl space is often a prime location for a rodent infestation. The cool, quiet climate offers a safe and peaceful environment for rats to breed. The crawl space also offers easy access to food and moisture around the home.

Rodents are incredibly destructive when they gain access to your crawl space. Rats enjoy gnawing on electrical lines, shredding up insulation, chewing on ductwork and piping, and destroying the wooden structure of your home.

Your crawl space must be thoroughly sealed and cleaned to keep rats out. Remove any moldy insulation, family belongings, chopped wood, and any other items from the crawl space. A full crawl space renovation by a crawl space cleaning company can ensure that the area is sealed and secure against a potential infestation.

2. Inspect Your Home

The best way to avoid Seattle’s growing rat population is to ensure that these rodents don’t have a way to enter your home. Thoroughly inspect the outside of your home for any gaps, holes, or cracks around the foundation, windows, doors, pipes, or vents. Be particularly wary of any gaps or holes around your garage door, as this is the easiest way for rodents to access your property.

Rodents have unique body structures that enable them to fit through even the smallest openings. If their head will fit, the rest of their body will as well, so be sure to inspect the walls, foundation, and roof of your home for any small cracks or holes.

Homeowners have discovered that rats are deterred by steel wool, so filling any cracks or holes with this pliable material is an easy way to prevent rodents from getting inside.


3. Clean Up Your Property

Areas of your home and property that are dirty, disorganized, or cluttered can actually attract rodents to your home. You can make your home less appealing to potential invaders by taking some time to clean up and organize.

Start by tightly sealing all outdoor trash bins and containers. If you have pets, be vigilant about picking up their dishes after meals and picking up their waste in the yard. Inside your home, clean out the attic and crawl space of any unnecessary items and store all pet food in tight, sealable containers.

Ultimately, you want to leave your home and property as clean as possible so that a curious rat can’t find a good place to hide.

4. Set Traps

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, rats can still find their way into your home. This is not a big deal, so long as the problem is caught before it is allowed to get worse. The best way to know when rodents have invaded your home is to prepare traps, should they arrive uninvited. Check and reset your traps regularly. Should one of your traps ever successfully catch a rat, congratulations! You have eliminated a rat from your home and now know what area to search for access points.

5. Professional Inspection

Inviting a rodent control company into your home is a great way to ensure that your home is safe against Seattle’s raging rodent problem. These businesses offer professional inspections, recommendations, and services to ensure that your home never falls victim to an infestation.

At Clean Crawls, we offer animal exclusion services to families concerned about rats inhabiting their Seattle home. For more information, feel free to contact our services by giving us a call or completing our contact form.

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