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Clean Crawls Receives PSE 2015 Award for Energy Services

By Mike on June 23, 2015

This year, Clean Crawls was honored to receive the 2015 Weatherization Award from Puget Sound Energy (PSE) for being one of the top performers in the Puget Sound region over the past year. The services that Clean Crawls has been able to provide for hundreds of Puget Sound families has enabled them to save money and energy while enjoying greater comfort in their homes and work environments.

clean crawls pse award energy services


On June 10th, representatives from Puget Sound Energy came to Clean Crawl’s offices to present our CEO, Chuck Henrichsen, with an award for having offered valuable services to clients throughout the entire Puget Sound area that helped to save both money and energy through PSE’s rebate programs.  Puget Sound Energy focuses on helping their clients get involved in instant rebate programs as well as educating them about environmentally safe energy use.

Chuck Henrichsen, owner of Clean Crawls, stated, “This is the second year that PSE has offered a award to its weatherization contractors through the Contractor Alliance Network. We are very happy to have won the award both years and I am extremely proud of all of our employees for achieving this honorable award.”

Within the past year, Clean Crawls has completed 1130 rebate jobs, resulting in $550,000 of savings for families and businesses. To be compared to last years mere 240 jobs, Clean Crawls has demonstrated incredible growth. Clean Crawls continues to provide high-quality insulation and weatherization services throughout the Puget Sound area, and have even expanded our service offering to now include animal exclusion!

PSE offers a wide variety of rebates and incentive programs for customers throughout Puget Sound. Some of these programs include:

  • Energy-Efficient Appliances
  • Electric and Natural Gas Heating
  • LED and CFL Lighting
  • Money and Energy Saving Insulation
  • Recycling Program
  • Efficient Water Heating
  • Window Rebates

By partnering with Puget Sound Energy, Clean Crawls has been able to help families take greater care for their homes — while saving money in the process. Our attic and crawl space insulation services help to diminish heat transfer, allowing heating and air conditioning systems to run less. This not only saves money on the energy bills, but also lengthens the life of the HVAC system and offers families a comfortable living environment, free from drafts, poor air quality, and other others.

Clean Crawls also offers cleanouts, inspections, and weatherization services, along with our new animal exclusion services. For more information about our services, or to learn more about how you can enjoy great savings, feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form.

Clean Crawls is OPEN and Scheduling Attic & Crawl Space Insulation Appointments NOW!
Under Governor Inslee’s STAY HOME – STAY HEALTHY 20-25 Proclamation, all Clean Crawls employees are strictly adhering to Social Distancing guidelines both internally and externally to include wearing respirators and gloves while in your home. Our #1 Priority is to ensure your families’, our employees, and our communities Health & Safety.