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5 Steps to Handling a Flooded Crawlspace

By Mike on March 6, 2015

It rains a lot here in Seattle. And by ‘a lot’, we mean practically all the time. Because it rains so frequently, it can be easy for residents forget about the damaging effects that a sudden heavy rain can have on their home and property.


Flooded crawlspaces are not an uncommon occurrence. However, as crawl spaces contain the structural support for your home, the presence of water, particularly large amounts of water, can encourage the growth of mold and mildew and damage the structural integrity of the beams and foundation of your home.

If, during your recent venture down into your crawl space, you have discovered any accumulation of water, here are a few critical steps you must take as you protect your home from further damage.


Turn Off the Power

Electrical currents travel through water at an incredible rate. If you are going to be working or kneeling in the water, it is very important that you turn off your power. This will protect you from a serious shock, should the water levels reach an electrical socket or exposed electrical wire.


Save Your Valuables

Many people utilize their crawl spaces as a safe place to store their precious family treasures or valuable items. A flooded crawl space can seriously damage these items, so it is important to get these items out and away from the water.


Check Pumps

Check to make sure that you have a sump pump that is running well. If your existing pump was not enough to keep your crawl space flood free, you might consider adding additional pumps to help clear the water.

Take Pictures

While this may not seem like an important task, these pictures will be critical if you need to use your flood insurance. You can show the pictures of the flooded crawlspace to your insurance agent to help them understand the extent of the damage and how to best they need to compensate you for those damages.

Consider Contacting FEMA

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is occasionally be willing to get involved and help with flooding in large areas. However, this agency does not have a great reputation and has been known to refuse payment for damages or minimizes the damage caused by floods.


Handling a flood in your crawl space can be a tremendous ordeal. Thankfully, we’re here to help you handle the aftermath of a flood. Clean Crawls has several companies who we trust and use to get standing water out of your crawl space, and to dry it out. Often the cause of water in your crawl space is poor drainage and we also have a company for that. Following a thorough cleanup of the space, we start by repairing cracks in the walls, corners, or foundation, laying a new vapor barrier, replacing damaged insulation with new insulation, and checking for sound beams and foundation.

Our crawl space cleaning and insulation team is fully equipped to help you restore a flooded crawl space.

If you have been a victim of the spring rains hitting the Seattle area, we would love to help restore your crawl space. For more information regarding our services, feel free to give us a call, or fill out our contact form.



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