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Crawl Space Cleaning Guide: The Homeowners Guide To Crawl Space Care

By Mike on February 12, 2015

Have you got questions about your crawl space? We’ve got answers. In fact, we’ve got a whole eBook full of need-to-know information and facts about what is in your crawl space and how it should be taken care of.

In this free download, we aim to educate homeowners about this important area of their home. While it may not seem like (or look like) much, it has a huge effect on the rest of your home. Approximately 40% of your home’s air comes up from the crawl space. Making sure that this air is clean and warm should be a top priority. Dirty crawl spaces bring up germs and mycotoxins into your air, diminishing your home air quality. Cold air causes chilly floors and drafty rooms, with uncomfortably large monthly energy bills.


Here’s a peek into the eBook:

Chapter 1: Getting To Know Your Crawl Space - Curious about what’s down there in the dark damp? Here we talk about all the normal things you can expect to find in a crawl space and what you should do about them.

Chapter 2: Easy Inspection and Cleaning Tactics - Learn ways to keep your crawl space clean, maintained, and problem-free.

Chapter 3: Handling Crawl Space Humidity - Here we show you how to recognize the dangerous signs of crawl space moisture and what to do about it.

Chapter 4: All About Vapor Barriers - Many homeowners don’t understand the purpose of a vapor barrier, or how it functions. In this chapter, we provide information on why and how this important aspect of your crawl space functions, and why it is vital for good home care.

Chapter 5: Do You Need Crawl Space Care? - In this chapter, we talk about how homeowners can recognize signs that they need to have insulation installed in their crawl space, as well as their insulation options.

Don’t keep writing crawl space care off of your list of things to do this year. Take proactive care of your home, starting with your crawl space! Download our free eBook guide, or contact our team of crawl space cleaning and insulation professionals to get a free estimate and inspection.

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