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The Shocking Benefits of Blown In Insulation

By Mike on December 9, 2014

The nature of a home is to provide a warm, comfortable place where people can relax and enjoy themselves. For it to accomplish this, it is important that owners ensure that their homes are well protected and thoroughly insulated to retain heat and maintain a strong structure. While there are various kinds of insulation available today that meet the needs of different housing structures and environments, blown in insulation has its own set of unique uses and benefits.


What is Blown In Insulation?

Blown in insulation is commonly purchased in large blocks, and then ground up by a powerful machine. The machine then blows the now fragmented pieces of insulation out through a hose that can be directed and controlled at the other end.

There are three popular kinds of blown in insulation; cellulose, fiberglass, and rock or mineral wool. All three substances are very eco-friendly and water resistant.

Each have their own individual benefits as well. While cellulose is essentially ground up paper, it is treated with a fire-resistant substance to protect its surroundings from combustion. Rock or mineral wool is resistant to compression over time to ensure long lasting resistance. Fiberglass has a higher R-value, or thermal resistance,  than either of rock wool or cellulose insulation.

Depending on the surrounding climate and the structure of your home, it may require different amounts of insulation and of a specific R-value. Luckily, blown in insulation meets common R-value requirements and thoroughly insulates both attic and crawl space areas.

Blown Vs. Batts

Batts are another kind insulation that is kept in large roles and applied in large chunks to inner walls or attic floors. What makes blown insulation far better than batts when insulating attic or crawl spaces is that blown insulation is made up of many small particles that can fit into small nooks and crannies, tightly sealing these areas.

Batts can only cover large sections of area, but blown in insulation allows you to cover wide areas while plugging up all the tiny cracks and crevices that allow the warm air to seep out of your home and moisture to creep in.

Blown In Benefits

Investing in blown in insulation will not only better protect your attic from the outside moisture and climate, but it can actually save you money. After your new insulation has been installed and all the holes and cracks in your attic or crawl spaces have been blocked, the heat and comfort that is inside your home will no longer easily escape. You can actually save quite a bit of money on energy bills because of this.

Another additional benefit is that you no longer have to deal with an uncomfortable home, but get to enjoy the warmth and comfort blown-in insulation can provide.

Here at Clean Crawls, our capable and experienced staff have the necessary tools to equip your home with optimal thermal retention. Blown in insulation could be all your home needs to make it a comfortable place you can enjoy while saving money on energy bills. For more information on how Clean Crawls can meet your needs, visit our website at


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