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Attic Insulation A – Z : Everything You Need to Know About Our Attic Insulation Services

By Mike on October 15, 2014

If you are short on cash but are hoping to start insulating your home to save on energy costs and get rebates from local energy providers, the first place that you should turn your attention to is the attic.

Why the attic?

During the winter months, all of that heat you’re paying for to warm your home is actually rising right up through your ceilings, through the floor above, through that ceiling, and then into your attic. And after that, it goes right out of your home and ‘warms’ the outdoors.

Unless, of course, you have attic insulation in place to stop it.

Our Attic Insulation Services

We take our attic work seriously, so we’ve got you covered from beginning to end.


We begin our work by cleaning out any old or damaged insulation that is currently in your attic space. If the attic was insulated at all, it has long since become inefficient. If you are working on a tight budget, we can set aside pieces of insulation that can be salvaged.

During this stage, we thoroughly clean your entire attic. This also means treating any odor or mold problems. We use a highly effective non-toxic enzyme product to eliminate odors that are the result of a rodent infestation, mold, mildew, or any other source.

We also handle the removal of all trash and old insulation from your attic, rather than expecting you to find a location to dispose of the materials.


In many houses, we often find that the attic has cracks and holes that are allowing more heat to escape to the outside (generally the heat loss should be due to heat transfer). If there are many holes, we’ll give you a full weatherization service for your attic.

That means we’ll caulk, insulate, and plug any holes that would let air in or out.

When there are holes, we often find that there are also rodents that have invaded your attic space. Unfortunately, this means, more often than not, that mice, rats, squirrels, or bats have set up shop inside your attic’s secluded shelter. We’ve even found a snake or two in attics before!


Our next step is to begin insulating your attic. Once it’s clean, we will install your insulation of choice. While our favorite insulation is spray foam, which you can read more about in our free downloadable guide to everything you need to know about spray foam insulation, there are other options to choose from as well.

To choose what insulation will best suit your budget and your needs, read our guide to insulation options. This guide can answer almost all of your insulation questions, and any additional concerns can be laid to rest by our customer service reps. Then, you can talk with one of our attic insulation experts to make your final decision.


Once our team has finished spraying or blowing your insulation in place, it’s time for us to clean up and head out. Here is what we will leave behind;

  • A reduction of 20% or more to your heating bills this winter

  • A tightly sealed attic protected from air leakage and airborne moisture

  • A secure attic that makes rodent infiltration very difficult

  • A happy family that is more cozy, snug, and looking forward to their energy bill savings.

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation for a free estimate on insulating your Western Washington home, call our office right away.

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