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World War Rodent – Arming Your Home Against the Seasonal Invasion

By Mike on September 24, 2014

It is the time of year that all of us begin thinking about preparing for winter. The autumn months are always a flurry of harvest and bounty, both for people and for woodland creatures. Unfortunately, many of those woodland creatures may have an eye on your crawl space for storing winter goodies and hunkering down for the cold winter months.

So, how can we prevent these rascally rodents from filling our crawl spaces and attics with nuts, seeds, and messes? Here’s a rundown on how to protect your home from woodland friends coming to stay:

1. Seal all entry points

If you’ve already had your crawl space cleaned and prescriptively sealed, you shouldn’t need to worry about this area too much. If it’s been a while, however, or you’ve never had it done at all, you’ll need to take extra care in protecting it.

Take a walk around your house. Do you see any large cracks or entrances big enough for a mouse? Protect them up with wire mesh, hardware cloth, or caulking. Peek into your crawl space also—any large cracks or holes that you see are a perfect entrance for a little whiskered rodent.

Pay attention to your foundations, siding, gutters, and windows. Don’t forget to also journey up to your attic—you’ll want to seal the cracks and cover all entry points in this area as well.

2. Make Your Home Less Desirable

Mice and ground squirrels love scurrying beneath shrubbery and tall grasses. Deter them from running right up to your home by trimming all low-hanging shrubs, and weed-whacking the grass. Not only will the rodents dislike it, your house will get a nice sprucing.

3. Don’t Feed the Wildlife

During autumn days, as rodents are wildly collecting food for the winter, it’s a good idea to remove any outdoor food. Pet food containers and bird feeders should be emptied for the time being to help keep the critters’ eyes away from your house. If you have any food items stored in your attic or crawl space, remove them.

4. Rodent-Control

Now it’s time to set the traps. There are a variety of rodent traps available, including live traps, snap traps, and even electronic traps. Whatever style you choose, set up several of these in your attic and in your crawl space. Check these occasionally, because if you happen to catch one, you’ll want to dispose of the body immediately. While it might seem like a chore, checking the attic and crawl space every couple days (more often, if you’ve chosen live traps) it is far better than letting a rodent rot in your home for days on end.

If you can effectively trap the first few rodents, you’ll keep them from breeding and creating a bigger problem later in the year.

To learn more tips and details about home protection, how to handle a current rodent invasion, or the various types of traps available and their benefits, download our free eBook. You’ll learn everything you need to know about rodent prevention!

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