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How Insulation Keeps Your Home Energy Efficient in Summer

By Mike on April 24, 2014


With spring well underway, we begin to look ahead to the bright warm days of summer. With the summer sun and heat, however, comes the need for air conditioning. Unfortunately, air conditioning and other interior climate control systems can get expensive quickly.

While many people are aware that insulation helps to reduce energy costs by keeping the home warm in the winter months, fewer people know that a properly insulated home also saves money on electric bills in the summer as well, and may qualify you for rebates from your energy suppliers.

The Problem:

Roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles or metal sheeting, absorb heat from the sun. Without proper insulation, this heat transfers through the wood beam and into the attic space. This can present a serious problem, as that heat seeps into your house. This puts a higher strain on the cooling system as it struggles to remain at the cool temperatures that makes your home comfortable.

The Northwest has one of the highest Norway Rat populations in the country, and they love nesting in crawl space and attic insulation! If you've had any of these freeloaders living in or under your house during spring breeding activity, you are likely in need of a crawl space or attic cleanout and restoration.

The Solution:

Proper and well-installed attic insulation can reduce this heat transfer by up to 25% or more, preventing the summer sun from baking it’s way all the way down to your living room.

Insulation, whether foam, fiberglass, or cellulose, provides a barrier against the transfer of heat in and out of your home. In winter, of course, insulation works to trap this heat inside your home to keep your family snug and cozy. During the summer months, this insulation has to work to reduce the transfer of heat from the roof into the attic spaces and down into the home itself.

Insulation throughout the rest of the home, such as in the walls, will also contribute to your cooling system’s efficacy. This insulation, preventing the heat transfer from shingles and siding also reduces the overall workload required by the cooling system. Over all, the energy required to keep your home at optimum temperature and humidity is decreased in a well-insulated home. That means less money spent on utility bills!

At Clean Crawls we strive to keep our neighbors energy-efficient and protected from poor indoor air quality with our excellent crawl space and attic insulation and cleaning services. Contact us for insulation installation quotes to keep your home cool and cost-efficient this summer!


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