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|Info-graphic| 4 Mouse Traps To Rid Your Crawlspace Of Rodents

By Mike on April 24, 2014


Rodents are a nuisance, especially in your crawl space. This out-of-the-way hidey-hole is just the place for mice, rats, and even possums to find themselves snug and safe. Unfortunately, they will rip apart your insulation and destroy your vapor barrier, exposing your crawl space to the danger of mold and mildew, and they will sneak into your kitchen in the wee hours of the night to wreak havoc on your kitchen.

So, how do we get rid of critters in our crawl spaces? While the first steps should always be to prevent rodents from entering at all, removing the rodents once they’ve been established is of enormous importance. For rodent removal, begin with setting some traps.

Enjoy the following info-graphic for 4 mouse traps that can rid your crawlspace of rodents!


Here’s a list of 3 of the traps to keep your home animal-free with more details:

Trap #1: The Live Traps

This is the trap of choice for the tender of heart and the practical minded. It allows homeowners to trap rodents without killing them, so that they may be released a safe distance away from your home. In addition, some speculate that when lethal traps are used, the resultant spike in food sources cause surviving rodents to propagate more swiftly and attracts other rodents to the area.

Live traps are not a good choice for homeowners that are unwilling to check their traps multiple times a day. Mice that are left in live traps for even a few hours can die from stress induced disorders. If they survive the trauma of being trapped, even a day will cause them to slowly die of dehydration or starvation.


Trap #2: The Snap Trap

Snap traps are the most common choice among homeowners hoping to rid their home of rodent squatters. These kill the mice quickly and humanely (if the appropriate sized snap trap is used for the type of rodent in the home). Snap traps are effective even when placed in the same areas repeatedly. Multiple snap traps should be used when attempting to rid the home of mice, however, so that the mice population is quickly subdued and there isn’t a sudden batch of new mouse babies!

Snap traps are a good option for homeowners that don’t check their traps each day. They should, however, remove the mouse as soon as possible, otherwise the corpse will begin to decay and smell. Also, dead carcasses in your home invite diseases.

A downside to snap traps, however, is that they can be difficult to set without snapping your own fingers. Try to buy easy-bait traps to save yourself on bruised fingers.


Trap #3: Cats

Allowing your house cat down into your crawl space can be an excellent way to remove rodents. Sometimes even just the presence of a predator in their ‘safe haven’ will scare rodents away from the home. After several days of letting your cat have fun beneath your floor boards, take several hours to tightly seal your home from rodents. As you finish, set a couple of live traps or snap traps to ensure that any remaining mice are dealt with and don’t nibble their way out or go up into your home.

Do NOT allow your cat down into the crawl space if you have used poison traps, sticky traps, or have loose fiberglass insulation. Also, if your crawl space has open dirt floors instead of properly installed vapor barriers, your cat might think your crawl space is one giant litter box. Cat urine smells very strongly, and thus, we recommend not allowing cats into an improperly sealed space.

Prevention is Key!

Remember, prevention is better than having to deal with the problem afterward! Sealing entryways into your crawl space against rodents and other critters requires time and effort, but it is worth it in the end. Crawl spaces that are improperly sealed against rodents will be found with ruined insulation, greater risks of mold, and airborne toxins. Replacing insulation and vapor barriers can become costly. Let us help you clean up your crawl space and secure it from rodents—it will save you money in the long run!

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