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Vapor Barriers: What’s All the Fuss About?

By Mike on April 18, 2014

177413712Even when the outside of your home is cold and dank, you want the inside to be warm and dry. While, on it’s own, insulation can do a fine job of keeping warm air in, a vapor barrier is often needed to keep moisture out. An insulation job that is not fortified by a vapor barrier can quickly be sabotaged by moisture and lose it’s insular qualities.


Vapor Barriers And Killer Moisture

Vapor barriers are thin sheets of materials that are installed for the purpose of inhibiting the flow of moisture into a space. They can be made of numerous types of materials including builder’s foil or polyethylene plastic sheets. Clean Crawls most often uses a heavy plastic vapor barrier, especially in crawl spaces.

Crawl Space Vapor Barriers Keep Moisture Out

The floor of your crawl space is most likely dirt or soil. Hence, it is susceptible to moisture via ground water or drainage. Without a vapor barrier to hold the moisture at bay, the moisture has nowhere to travel but straight into your floorboards and housing foundation, resulting in troublesome effects. Subfloor layers or even the floor itself can begin to warp, not to mention the fact that a warm, moist atmosphere is a prime breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Numerous Clean Crawls customers have realized that a vapor barrier is an integral part of energy savings. If you’re paying sky high energy bills and still wearing an eskimo suit indoors, there’s an easy fix that will let you save money and live comfortably. Clean Crawls has left a trail of satisfied customers behind, one of them confidently asserting; “We have been very happy with the job and are definitely now saving money on our heating."

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