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The Many Wonders of Spray Foam Insulation

By Mike on April 16, 2014

“Batts, blowers, and foam, oh my!” The wonderful world of insulation has numerous options for any type of budget and all structural needs. One of the most effective types of insulation is spray foam insulation. While it can be a bit of an investment, the benefits that this type of insulation provides are, in most cases, well worth the cost.

Even More Energy Savings

Because of the superior insular qualities of foam insulation, energy savings are proportionally superior as well. An attic insulated with other types of insulation boast 30% cost savings while spray foam insulation touts savings at a rate of 50%. For instance, gaps between fiberglass batts, even as small as two inches wide, can cause precious amounts of heat to escape. Spray foam covers the entire area, sealing all the little nooks and crannies where heat would usually be able to find it’s way outside.

Open-Cell Vs. Closed-Cell: That Is the Question

One of the biggest questions when considering spray foam insulation is whether to install open-cell or closed-cell spray foam. Neither type can be considered better than the other, per se, but each has it’s own unique qualities that can satisfy various needs or preferences. Consider the following lists of open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulation qualities.

Open-Cell Spray Foam Characteristics
  • ½ pound density
  • Sound dampening
  • Accommodates seasonal movement (can flex)
  • Less expensive ($0.80 per sq ft)
  • R-value = 3.7 per inch
Closed-Cell Spray Foam Characteristics
  • 2 pound density
  • Acts as a vapor barrier
  • Acts as structural reinforcement (doesn’t flex)
  • Able to deflect water
  • Requires more material
  • More expensive ($1.20 per sq ft)
  • R-value = 6 per inch

What tips the scale in favor of closed-cell is that open-cell spray foam absorbs moisture. Closed cell does not, making it by far the best choice for us here in the moist northwest.

Insulating your attic and crawl space can be the difference between affordable energy bills and an outrageous bottom line at the end of the month. Dave, one of our customers in Edmonds, Washington, said,

“I had Clean Crawls install additional insulation to the attic, new floor insulation, wrap and seal the heat ducts, wrap the water pipes and place a new vapor barrier. Wow, what a difference this has made. My hat is off to Clean Crawls; it’s refreshing to work with a company that delivers what they promised!”

If we can answer any of your questions, feel free to contact us. Remember to request a free quote! We would be more than willing to help you save money on your energy bills with an insulation job well done.

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