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Toxic Mold Infestation Part III: Get Rid of Mold with Clean Crawls

By Mike on March 6, 2014

147709675It’s easy to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to crawl spaces. However, leaving them unattended is not worth the risk. Cleaning out your crawl spaces and attics is a small price to pay to alleviate the health risks associated with toxic mold infestation. While there are preventative measures that you can take to keep mold from growing, once you do have a problem, it’s recommended that you seek out professionals to clear the mold’s toxic mess.

#1: Indoor Moisture Control

Clean up wet areas right away. If you’re experiencing a new water leak, clean up the mess and repair the leak as soon as possible. Leaving water to leak and sit in an attic or crawl space creates a breeding ground for mold.

Properly ventilate your home. Having fans blowing and dehumidifiers running will keep the air moving and stop moisture from collecting.

Monitor indoor humidity. Keep an eye out for condensation on windows and walls. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, safe indoor humidity ranges between 30-60 percent.

#2: Control Outdoor Water Flows

Water collecting around the foundation of your home is a serious problem and can quickly lead to mold growth in the crawl space beneath your home, as well as inside the walls and foundation. Direct water away from your home by sloping the ground to direct water in the opposite direction from your house’s foundation.

119556195#3: Call the Professionals to Clean out Your Crawl Space and Attics

If you’re having an issue with indoor mold, it’s imperative that you eradicate the source of those dangerous mycotoxins by cleaning, repairing, and adequately insulating the areas of the house where it is growing. At Clean Crawls, we offer numerous services that can aid in the moisture control of your crawl spaces. For instance, we install vapor barriers to keep the dampness at bay. Also, we clean out attics and offer repairs and insulation in order to restore your attic to a safe and even usable area of your home.

Dawn, living in Kent, Washington, had a great experience with our services. She said, "They came in and were completely professional. They did everything they could to keep the dust down while cleaning out the crawl space and the crawl space ended up looking way better than it had before the damage had been done."

For more information, request a free quote with Clean Crawls. It would be a privilege to help you improve the air quality create a healthy environment in your home.

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