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Preventing Water Damage With Crawl Space Vapor Barriers

By Mike on June 5, 2013

Far too many homeowners neglect their crawl space and attic. Many don't know they are responsible for these areas in the home, nor do they realize they affect the atmosphere of the entire house. In some cases, crawl space cleaning is avoided simply because it is not visible. But cleanliness has many advantages besides good looks and homeowners need to secure all of them. One such advantage is fresh air and good health. The same applies to crawl space. People don’t go there too often and hence its care and cleanliness becomes secondary.

Crawl space cleaning is also ignored because many feel that since no one goes there, it would remain clean. This is true to certain extent, but there are some things beyond our control. This includes leaking pipes and in general moisture from the air that can cause damage. Everything which is made of wood will absorb this moisture and become weak. Homeowners would be wise to avoid this for the safety of their own home. Moreover, humidity is the best condition for different microorganisms to grow.

Moisture Protection

Since the crawl area is also technically a part of our home, bacteria and germs multiplying there will also reach our homes and cause disease. And we would be wondering the reason behind the sickness in spite of our clean looking homes. Thankfully, vapor barriers are available that protect our homes against moisture and also waterproof the crawl area and prevent damage. This is the most convenient method and if you call a professional for crawl space cleaning and waterproofing, it will not take much time and effort on your part.

As can be expected, there are various materials that can be used to construct vapor barriers. Listed below are several building materials used in protection from damaging moisture:

  • Polyethylene sheeting: The most common material used in home vapor barriers
  • Kraft paper, coated in asphalt
  • Metalized film
  • Paper-backed aluminum
  • High grade plywood
Preserve Your Home

In the end, it is always better to take precautionary measures than to have trouble later. Emergency situations can be saved simply by having a vapor barrier installed in your home. Consider the cost and benefit, confide in articles like this, and contact a crawl space professional. Protect your biggest financial investment as it deserves.

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