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Clean Crawls Customer Is Given Appreciation Gift

May’s winner of our monthly customer appreciation giveaway is Glen Arche of Bothell, WA. Glen enjoyed his experience with Clean Crawls so much that he left them an”A-Grade” on Angie’s list along with a very positive review. A $100 Visa Gift Card was given to Glen in appreciation of his good review. Glen described the Clean Crawls experts as “polite and professional”, and mentioned the promptness and honesty with which…

How to Identify a Stinging Insect Infestation in Your House

It's that time of year again - stinging insects are making an appearance in the Pacific Northwest. Stinging insects can be dangerous and cause not only painful stings but also severe allergic reactions. If stinging insects are a concern for you during this season, we can help. Managing a stinging insect infestation requires experience, skill and a lot of caution. However, the first step in fixing a stinging insect infestation is…

5 Signs of Carpenter Ants and What to Do About Them

Many homeowners are unaware of the damage that carpenter ants inflict on a home. The risk posed by these small creatures is substantial, and if you are a homeowner you need to know exactly what carpenter ants are and how they operate. It's natural to not really consider ants in the list of possible threats against a home. Pesky, yes, but that little ant crawling across your floor doesn't seem to be very threatening. Yet, just as…

9 Effective Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Home

Spring is a great time for renewal as well as cleaning. This is the time of year when people strive to spruce up their property, and as we head further into spring, it's a great time to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home. There are many areas where the cool air you want in your home during the hot months could escape from your house. Fixing these areas will…

9 Tips On How to Deter Imminent Pest Infestations

Do you need a rodent prevention strategy for your home? Rats, mice, possums and even squirrels can cost you thousands of dollars in property damage to your home. Even worse, they carry health risks. Rats and mice not only smell bad and leave droppings everywhere, their presence can irritate allergy and asthma sufferers. Possums and squirrels, along with any rodents, also carry rabies or other diseases. Rodent Prevention Tips Rodents…

Duvall Home Owner Winner of IPad Mini

At the 2017 Seattle Home Show - the largest consumer home show in the Northwest - Clean Crawls held a contest where passer-by’s tried to guess how many ladybugs were in a case. The winner was Jacqi F. of Duvall, Washington, who guessed the correct number and won an iPad Mini. Jacqi guessed the closest without going over: 8,526 ladybugs. The actual number was 8,923 - most people weren't even…

Perks and Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

If you need new or replacement insulation, consider spray foam insulation for your attic and crawl space. Spray foam insulation is highly durable and energy efficient, both attributes that define the best attic and crawl space insulation. It is an excellent alternative to rock wool, fiberglass, and cellulose insulation products. Having spray foam insulation in your home or business can save you money and help you to have healthy air…

Everything You Need to Know About Attic Insulation Replacement

Did you know that your attic insulation performs some very important functions for your home? Attic insulation may be one of the most overlooked components of your home since you don’t see it every day. You probably never think about it and haven't really considered just how critical attic insulation is to your health and home energy usage. Many homeowners have damaged or insufficient attic insulation without ever understanding the damage this can…

Clean Crawls Customer Is Awarded Appreciation Gift

William Printy, a Marysville resident, recently expressed his positive experience with Clean Crawls on The Better Business Bureau. In appreciation of his positive review, a $100 Visa Gift Card was given to him as part of our monthly customer appreciation giveaway. Describing the Clean Crawls professional as knowledgeable and gracious, William was happy with the quick and thorough estimate given to him by the Clean Crawls representative. William also mentioned…

The Importance of Hiring a Reliable Termite Control Company

Homeowners fear few things more than discovering a termite infestation. These creatures wreak havoc as they slowly consume the wooden structure of a house. The resulting damage is catastrophic if left unchecked, and can render the home unsafe for your family. Not only will the structure be too weak to support your house, but access points created by termites allow other pests to easily enter and infest the house. Thankfully,…

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