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Clean Crawls on a Mission to Malawi, Africa

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about an organization that is near and dear to my heart. Seven years ago, my friend David Epperson started a not-for-profit organization in Malawi, Africa. There are countless charities in Africa but most are focused on temporary relief instead of teaching these communities how to be sustainable long term. E3 differentiates itself and focuses on sustainability by Educating, Empowering, and Employing…

Why You Need to Address Crawl Space Problems Immediately

Many people have crawl space problems, but don't take the time to address these issues in their crawl space. Unfortunately, if you don’t fix your crawl space problems quickly, you will experience health issues and damage to your home. The longer you ignore these issues also means that the price to fix the damage will go up as well. Thousands of dollars worth of property damage can result if a…

How to Eliminate Standing Water in Your Yard

Have you ever looked into your backyard after a particularly hard rainstorm to find that suddenly you’ve acquired an in-ground pool? If that sounds familiar, you need to take a look at some better drainage solutions for your yard. Poor yard drainage and excess moisture can lead to problems in your home – such as moldy or mildewed crawl spaces, damaged walls, and even cracked foundations. Even crawl spaces with…

5 Easy Ways to Identify Old and Dangerous Insulation

Have you noticed your electrical bill spiking along with the temperature outside? Is your air conditioning unit struggling to maintain an even temperature throughout your home? If so, then your problem may be old insulation. Old insulation will make your home increasingly less energy efficient, and can also cause other significant problems – including health related ones. Knowing when to remove and replace insulation will save you time, money and major…

Customer of the Month Is Given Visa Gift Card

This month, Clean Crawls is honoring Snohomish resident, Kirk Gillett. Kirk called Clean Crawls to replace his insulation. Clean Crawls really appreciated Kirk’s positive attitude that he had with our sales representative Phil Hansen, and when talking with our crew. In addition Kirk, recently wrote about his “AWESOME” experience with Clean Crawls on our Marysville Google review site. To show our appreciation of Kirk we have named him Customer of…

How to Prevent Mold in Your Attic and Crawl Space

Homeownership! The dream of having a space that is all your own, that you can decorate as you see fit, raise your kids in, and carve out a little piece of the American dream in is something we all desire when we think of owning a home. Having many years of family dinners, holidays with everyone you love gathered around, and making memories in your home is most people’s idea…

Clean Crawls Expanding to Portland, Oregon

Clean Crawls is excited to announce their coming expansion into Portland, Oregon. In a personal letter below, Clean Crawls owner Chuck Henrichsen shares why he is excited about the expansion and is looking forward to serve the residents of Portland. Expansion of Clean Crawls to Portland My name is Chuck Henrichsen, I am the owner of Clean Crawls, and I could not be happier to announce that we are expanding…

Experiencing High Levels of Crawl Space Humidity? Here’s What to Do

Crawl space humidity is no laughing matter. Maintaining a healthy crawl space humidity level is the safest way to protect it from humidity-related damage. We’re going to look at some of the ways to spot whether your crawl space exceeds recommended crawl space humidity levels. We’ll also talk about some of the dangers that you expose your home to when you don’t deal with excess crawl space humidity. Finally, we’ll…

Closed-Cell Spray Foam Vs. Other Insulation Types

Homes utilize many different kinds of insulation, but closed-cell spray foam insulation is widely regarded as the most efficient. When considering different insulation types, however, it's beneficial to take note of the energy efficiency rating, pricing, durability and overall value. Closed-Cell Vs. Other Types of Insulation Let’s explore the different forms of insulation and determine what may be the best type for you.   The Most Common The most common form…

Clean Crawls Customer Is Given Appreciation Gift

May’s winner of our monthly customer appreciation giveaway is Glen Arche of Bothell, WA. Glen enjoyed his experience with Clean Crawls so much that he left them an”A-Grade” on Angie’s list along with a very positive review. A $100 Visa Gift Card was given to Glen in appreciation of his good review. Glen described the Clean Crawls experts as “polite and professional”, and mentioned the promptness and honesty with which…

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