Attic Restoration Tacoma WA

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Many Tacoma homeowners are met with surprise when they learn that their attics play such an essential part in the integrity and condition of their home. If an attic is not properly cleaned out, insulated, and sealed, it can lead to undesirable odors, bring in pests, and put a great strain on your energy expenses.

At Clean Crawls, we provide professional attic insulation, cleaning, and complete pest control services to transform your attic back into one that is safe, clean, and very energy efficient.

attic cleaning and restoration

Attic Cleaning

Attics may be riddled with numerous cracks, holes, or gaps in the ceiling and walls that invite rain water and dust to take over. If not dealt with, these types of conditions can easily produce mold and mildew, as well as bring pests into the attic. Water can be a particularly big hazard as it can destroy the insulation completely, making energy efficiency in your home completely impossible. Having a professional Tacoma attic cleaning and insulation treatment will help bring your attic back to a state of equilibrium and prevent any of these problems in the future.


Attic Insulation

If there is one area of your home that you want to insulate properly, it is your attic. If you do not, vast amounts of precious energy will escape through the attic on a daily basis. If your insulation is filthy, shredded, damp, or thin, then it is safe to say that it is improperly insulating the attic. At Clean Crawls, our team will provide you with professional attic insulation services, and we will restore the energy efficiency of your attic and the air quality of your home.


Attic Pest Control

Pests love your attic. It’s a great place for them to build comfortable, shielded homes that are safe from human contact. The attic provides them with the easiest access to food and moisture. These pests can cause a great amount of damage to your stored belongings, and threaten your home’s structural integrity as a whole. With our pest control services, we can ensure that any unwanted guests in your attic are promptly evicted and that any evidence of their activity has been eradicated.


Tacoma Attic Cleaning Services

If you believe that your attic is suffering from long-term neglect, it’s easy to do something about it. Homeowners that give their attic a proper clean out and insulation treatment are astonished at the impact and the transformation it makes on their home. If you would like more information about Clean Crawls attic cleaning and insulation services, contact us today here.