Attic Restoration Services Kirkland

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Homeowners often do not realize how important an attic is to the condition and integrity of a house. If a homeowner does not maintain an attic by keeping it clean, sealed and appropriately insulated, the attic can smell bad, promote pest infestation, and increase your heating and cooling costs.

We offer homeowners attic cleaning, attic restoration, and attic insulation in the Kirkland area. We also offer attic pest control services. Our services can help you to keep a clean, safe, pest-free and energy-efficient attic space. Let the team at Clean Crawls help you clean your attic.

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Cleaning Your Attic in Kirkland

Poorly maintained attics can have holes and cracks in the walls, as well as gaps along edges and near windows. These areas can collect dust and may become access points for water during rainy days. Leaking water can damage insulation and inhibit its ability to keep cold air in or out of your home. Furthermore, the damp conditions would present mold and mildew with the perfect environment in which to grow—a situation which can quickly develop into a serious health hazard for you and your family. By using our professional attic cleaning services, you are ensuring that these health hazards are taken care of, as well as fortifying against such problems in the future.  

Insulating the Attic in Kirkland

Heat rises, which is why the attic is the most vital location in your home to insulate properly. When your attic has improper insulation, large amounts of energy pass through it and are wasted every day. Sometimes, insufficient insulation is due to a thin insulation layer, while other times the insulation is dirt-filled, damp or destroyed by pests. Our team of attic insulation professionals will make sure your insulation is restored to the proper levels and cleaned thoroughly.  

Getting Rid of Attic Pests in Kirkland

Insects, rodents and other pests love attic spaces. That’s because people rarely go up into the attic, and these spaces are often unclean. The attic also gives creatures access to ample amounts of food and moisture. Do not risk your home’s integrity by ignoring pests in your attic. Let Clean Crawls help you rid your attic of pests by cleaning your space and ensuring that it is free from all animal damage and waste.  

Attic Cleaning Services in Kirkland

You don’t want the damp air of the Pacific Northwest to invade your home on a daily basis. If it has already, you need to take action to prevent further damage! You will be amazed by our attic cleaning and restoration services in Kirkland. To schedule a free assessment of your attic space, contact us today here.