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Does your Kenmore home need its attic cleaned? If so, contact us at Clean Crawls – we’re here to help you out! Let us do the work that you don’t want to!™ Did you know that a healthy and clean attic is vital to the structural integrity of your home? If your attic isn’t clean, sealed and insulated adequately, attics begin to attract all kinds of pests, develop unpleasant smells and drive up your energy usage – and bills! We offer the following services for your attic: Let us restore your attic and make it a pest-free and odor-free area! attic restoration kenmore

Kenmore Attic Restoration Services

Insulation throughout your home is important, but insulating your attic is crucial to the well being of you and your home. Without a well-insulated attic, heat can seep in and out of your home far too easily. You’ll see this reflected in high bills as your HVAC system struggles to keep up. Even if you have an insulated attic, it may not be enough – thin, dirty, damaged or wet insulation can’t function well and can lead to mold or mildew. We can improve the air quality and energy usage of your home by expertly installing new insulation.  

Attic Pest Control and Removal in Kenmore

Pests like insects and small animals like having a dry, warm, and safe place to build their nests. Your attic may be providing just the perfect environment. If neglected, your attic can become THE haven for small pests. Unsealed, your attic can provide plenty of access to food and water. Pests can cause damage to the belongings stored in your attic, damage to your insulation and leave droppings that are a health hazard.  

Local Attic Cleaning in Kenmore

A neglected attic can also cause other damage to your home. However, after a thorough cleaning and restoration of your insulation, you’ll be amazed at the change you see. We’ll give you confidence and peace of mind about the state of your attic and insulation – any time is a good time to get your attic back in shape!  

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