Attic Restoration Bremerton

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Most homeowners overlook the importance of keeping their attic clean. Since they are often used for storage space and remain relatively uninhabited parts of the home, what’s the point of scheduling regular maintenance? Well, at Clean Crawls, we try our best to educate Bremerton homeowners on how a clean attic can keep their home safe and energy efficient.

Keeping a clean attic is essential to the structure and air flow of your home. Without proper care, the attic could develop unpleasant odors and reduce the efficiency of air flow. Allowing air to escape without proper insulation, your utility bills will skyrocket. And the same cracks and gaps that let your air out also let unwanted pests inside your home.

Attic Restoration Bremerton
But never fear! We are here to do the work that you don’t want to. For years, Clean Crawls has assisted Bremerton residents with their attic cleaning needs, providing services to keep your home happy, healthy and safe.  

Attic Cleaning in Bremerton

It’s not uncommon for an attic to remain unfinished. However, even if it’s just used for storage, it is in your best interest to inspect your attic regularly to avoid issues that could add up later on. The small gaps, cracks, and holes in your attic could allow moisture to enter, causing mold and tainting your air flow. Once moisture gets into your insulation, it makes it more difficult to trap heat, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. At the same time, spores and mildew can form and contaminate the air flowing into your home. Attics are also the perfect breeding grounds for pests, who find their way in through the same cracks and holes throughout your attic. Whether they’re nesting in your insulation or burrowing through your wooden beams, pest infestations can wreak havoc on your home and structure. The best way to avoid these small pitfalls before they turn into large issues is by scheduling a regular inspection and cleaning by a professional.  

Attic Insulation in Bremerton

Insulation is like a shield for your home, protecting it from unwanted air leaks that allow trapped air to pass through and drive up your utility bills. And, since hot air tends to rise, keeping your attic well-insulated is an important part of controlling your energy costs. However, just because your attic has insulation doesn’t mean that it’s well protected. Old or dirty insulation is often inefficient in keeping air trapped inside and can even contaminate your air flow with mold and toxins if it has been damaged by mildew or pests. Once your attic is cleaned, the next step is evaluating your current insulation situation. Our Clean Crawls team can inspect your current insulation and make recommendations or installations to ensure that your home stays warm and well-protected.  

Attic Pest Control in Bremerton

In addition to attic cleaning services, Clean Crawls offers pest control and preventative treatments for homes and office buildings in the Bremerton area. An unsealed and neglected attic attracts insects and vermin that are looking to escape the winter cold or summer heat by finding a temperature controlled environment. Often giving them access to food and water, pests make themselves right at home in your attic. Without proper care and maintenance, they can stay there undiscovered for years. While a couple pests may seem like a small issue, they can often cause terrible damage that puts your home structure and stored belongings at risks. Rats, squirrels and other rodents often dig deep into your insulation for nesting and leave droppings throughout the area that is supposed to filter your home air. Insects, like ants and termites, can cause structural damage to your wood beams and eaves, sometimes even building full colonies into the walls of your home. Eventually, those small pests cause major damage that could have been avoided with regular inspections and cleanings. Fortunately, our Clean Crawls pest control experts can eradicate any infestations and use treatments that will prevent your pests from returning. With environmentally safe products, insulation, and routine checkups, we can guarantee that your attic will remain pest-free for years.  

Local Attic Cleaning Services in Bremerton

Keeping your home in tip-top shape starts with tip-top regular attic cleaning and maintenance. If left neglected, you could run into some serious issues down the line that compromise your home’s structure, energy efficiency, and air quality. For the best service in the area, contact the experts at Clean Crawls to schedule an inspection and learn more about ways to keep your home safe and efficient. Any time is a good time to clean out your attic, so why not get started today? With our experienced team and dedication to customer service, we can provide attic cleaning and insulation installation services to keep your mind at ease. To learn more about what we can do for your Bremerton home, give us a call today!