Attic Restoration Arlington

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You may not realize it, but your attic’s condition has a big impact on the structural health of your home. It is imperative that your attic is thoroughly cleaned, insulated, and sealed in order to prevent possible infestations of pests, and to prevent odors and potential health hazards from the accumulation of mold and mildew. Additionally, a properly maintained attic is critical in keeping your energy cost contained. attic restoration arlington

Arlington Attic Cleaning Services

For Arlington residents who may have an attic that has never been professionally cleaned and inspected, Clean Crawls is your one stop professional attic service company. We specialize in thoroughly cleaning and inspecting your attic. We also offer pest control services should an infestation be discovered in your attic.

Attic Cleaning Services

Arlington residents are familiar with the frequent rains experienced here in the Pacific Northwest. What they may not know is that if there are cracks and crevices anywhere in the internal structure of their attic, moisture may have accumulated in their walls and insulation. This often results in the forming of mildew and mold, which is not only unsightly and foul smelling, but also poses potential health hazards. The only way to address this problem is through a professional inspection and cleaning.

Attic Insulation Services in Arlington

In addition to damage from moisture in your attic’s insulation, insulation may be old and dirty. It may be that it was not adequate when it was originally installed. The benefits of fresh insulation are many: the condition of your insulation plays a large part in your overall energy costs, and proper insulation prevents heat and cold from escaping through walls and floors. Proper attic insulation is critical in this regard as it affects the whole house in terms of energy efficiency. Clean Crawls is the best choice in Arlington for inspecting and replacing your attic’s insulation. We offer only the finest insulation products and our installers are thorough and reliable.

Attic Pest Control Services in Arlington

There is no place more likely for an infestation of pests than an attic that is not well maintained. Fissures in the walls allow moisture to penetrate into the attic structure, causing the insulation to be wet, old, and dirty, an ideal place for rodents and other pests to build their nest. The odors and health hazards associated with pest infestation is nothing to take lightly! Call Clean Crawls at the first sign of pest and our professional pest control services for attics will provide immediate and complete extermination of pest.

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If you have realized that your attic might not be as clean as it could be, or are worried that your existing attic structure and insulation may have been compromised due to moisture build up from the frequent rains here in Arlington, contact Clean Crawls today to schedule a free inspection.