Attic Cleaning Tacoma WA

Generally, most homeowners presume their attics to be barren and empty, with the exception of seasonal storage items and the insulation. But in reality, the attic is a thriving habitat, home to many different materials, and the intermittent visits from pesky invaders.

Here at Clean Crawls, we offer expert attic cleaning services for countless areas including Tacoma, Renton, Bellevue, Seattle, Everett, and Redmond. Trained and professional, our teams thoroughly and efficiently seal holes, remove attic debris, eliminate moisture, and take out the insulation, leaving your attic spotless.

Attic Cleaning

Frequently Found in Tacoma Attics

Countless homeowners are astonished by the substances and materials that are tucked away in the attic. These troublesome substances include:


Attics possess large amounts of gaps, holes, and cracks that can allow bugs, animals, air and moisture to damage the interior.


Trace amounts of current or previous animal infestations are commonly identified throughout the attic. Such spaces can contain garbage, animal droppings, and disgusting carcasses.


Surprising amounts of dust and garbage can build up in the attic over time as a result of neglect, infestations, or poor air circulation.


Stagnant water, high humidity levels, and condensation are all very common occurrences in Washington attics. If left untreated, these conditions can beget animal infestations, mold growth, wood rot, and overall damage to the attic insulation.


Moisture and water that gain access to your attic can bring about mildew and mold growth all through the attic. This untreated mold and mildew growth can cause permanent damage to the walls, wood, insulation, and belongings in your attic.


Unpleasant odors in the attic can be a result of mold and mildew growing out of check, as well as untreated animal infestations. Such unpleasant scents filter into your home and cause difficulty and discomfort in breathing.


Usually, houses have very minimal amounts of attic insulation. If exposed to water, animals, or mold, the attic insulation can be rendered inert and incapable of truly insulating your home.

Why Clean the Attic?

When homeowners do not regularly use their attics, it can be difficult for them to see the value in spending the time and money to clean it out. But in reality, a thorough cleaning of the attic can pose an immediate benefit to your home in several meaningful ways.

1. Air Quality

The traveling of air in a motion throughout your home is known as the stack effect. Since the air from your living spaces circulates through the attic and the crawl space, the conditions of these spaces have a serious influence on the air you breathe. When your attic contains mold, droppings, animals, or garbage, your respiratory system will be exposed to these materials.

2. Home Integrity

In leaving your attic unkempt, the contents can begin to have a dramatic effect on the rest of the home. Moisture in your attic will lead to rotted wood that can damage the structural integrity of the ceiling, walls, supports, and the beams. Furthermore, animals that take up residency in your attic can damage the insulation, ductwork, walls, wiring, and much more. Each one of these damages will diminish your home’s market value.

3. Energy Efficiency

Undoubtedly, the attic is one of the most essential parts of any home to have correctly insulated. If the holes or cracks are not properly sealed, the energy that you’ve paid for will be escaping to the outside world. Such openings also leave you defenseless to water or moisture, which can accumulate in the attic and diminish the effectivity of your insulation when it comes to energy retention. Your wallet and your home can very quickly suffer negative consequences from an untended attic.

Attic Cleaning Services in Tacoma

Here at Clean Crawls, we offer top-notch, professional attic cleaning services to families in the Tacoma area. We possess specialized equipment to help us execute the following treatments for your attic:

  • Eliminate any mess in the attic; standing water, debris, animal remains, and more.
  • Tear out damaged or ineffective insulation.
  • Address and treat mold or odor problems: we utilize super-effective non-toxic enzyme products that completely eliminate odors from mold, mildew, rodent infestations, and more.
  • If necessary, air sealing treatments.
  • Any necessary animal exclusion services.

When Do I Need Attic Cleaning Services?

Your attic will give you warning signs if it is in need of some attention. These signs can include:

  • Unusual or unpleasant odors from the attic
  • Moisture marks or droplets on the ceiling
  • Evidence of animal infestations
  • Very high energy bills
  • Mold, shredded, or dirty insulation
  • Growth of mold or mildew
  • Rotted wood