Snohomish Attic Cleaning

When it comes to the integrity and health of your home, the attic plays a big role. When an attic is not properly sealed, insulated, and cleaned, it produces animals, mold, rot, and poor quality interior air. At Clean Crawls, our experienced team provides full attic services, including cleaning and expert animal exclusion. Our goal is to restore your Snohomish attic to its peak energy efficiency and safety.

Attic Cleaning

Snohomish Attic Cleaning

Snohomish residents understand just how wet and rainy the Northwest can be. Unfortunately, many attics have cracks and gaps that allow moisture (and dust in the summer) to enter. Without proper cleaning, a wet or dirty attic will quickly produce mold and mildew, and animals are sure to follow. Water in the attic can also damage insulation, causing your energy bills to increase and your interior air quality to decrease.

With the help of our expert attic cleaning team, you can rest easy. We will remove debris, rot, and anything else that is hurting the integrity of your home and the health of your family.


Attic Insulation

Keeping your attic insulated is vital. Large amounts of energy can escape through a poorly insulated attic, and that will drive up your monthly energy bills. If your old insulation is damaged, wet, or too thin, it will not be enough to protect your attic and the rest of your house. Our Snohomish attic insulation services are designed to improve both your home air quality and energy efficiency.


Snohomish Attic Animal Exclusion

A dirty attic is the perfect home for animals. Rodents, ants, termites, and more are drawn to unkempt attics, especially those with damaged insulation and excess moisture. Depending on the animal, this may mean eating away at the house structure or even contaminating your own stored food. Clean Crawls’ offers animal exclusion services to help you control animal infestations and re-infestation.


Snohomish Attic Cleaning Services

If you have reason to believe your attic needs professional cleaning, it’s time to call Clean Crawls. Homeowners who regularly have their attic cleaned and re-insulated are amazed at the positive impact it has on their energy costs and interior air. For more information on how our Snohomish attic cleaning team can serve you, contact us here to arrange a consultation.