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When was the last time you went in your attic? Most homeowners don’t unless their attic has been converted into a storage space. Even then, many homeowners go months without accessing their attic space. Most usually venture into that area around the holidays when all the decorations need to come down!

However, attic spaces in Lake Stevens play an integral role in the overall energy efficiency and condition of the property. Attics that are uninsulated, unsealed, and dirty will put a strain on your utility expenses, invite pests such as mice, rats, and bats, and contribute to poor air quality or unpleasant aromas.

To combat these repercussions, the team at Clean Crawls is here to help you out. We offer attic cleaning, insulation, and pest control services that can take a dingy, drafty, dirty attic and turn it into a warm, secure, useful part of your home.

Attic Cleaning

Our Lake Stevens Attic Cleaning Services

Attics tend to accumulate dust, water, mold, leaf and wood debris — not to mention the messes brought in by invading rodents. When not cleaned out, the attic can rapidly develop substantial mold colonies, wood rot, and other more serious issues.

For those Lake Stevens homes that have some or full insulation already, it’s important to remember that water can be trapped beneath or inside this insulation. This greatly diminishes the efficacy of the insulation, attracts pests, and contributes to mold growth.

When our attic cleanout crew arrives, we’ll remove all debris, damaged insulation, and pests from your attic. Then, we’ll thoroughly clean the entire area, paying special attention to areas that show signs of mold, mildew, or feces. Minor repairs can be accomplished by our team such as sealing holes and gaps. If there is substantial damage done to the framing or roof of your home, we’ll recommend a trustworthy local contractor to help you out. A thorough attic cleaning by a professional cleaning and insulation service will help to eliminate these problems and restore your attic.


Attic Insulation for Lake Stevens Residents

Insulation in the attic is incredibly important. Much of the homes energy will leak out through the ceiling. In winter, your heat will escape through the uninsulated area, while in summer, the heat of the sun will penetrate through your attic into the upper rooms of your home. This causes your heating and AC units to work harder in order to keep your home a comfortable temperature.

Thin, dirty, or wet insulation will not properly insulate your attic, but must be replaced. Our team at Clean Crawls can help you out. Instead of wasting energy, let us use the right materials installed by our experienced attic insulation team.


Lake Stevens Pest Control

For most homes and businesses, if there is a pest issue in the attic, there’s a pest issue in the entire home. Pests of all kinds love the attic; and why not? It’s warm, dark, quiet, safe, and offers easy access to other areas of the home. These pests will cause damage and even attract more pests to your home.

Our pest control services are exactly what you need in order to exterminate these pests and return your Lake Stevens property to a pest-free zone! We offer pest control services for the following types of pests: mice, rats, squirrels, bats, spiders, ants, flies, silverfish, beetles, earwigs, fleas, and much more!


Local Attic Cleaning Services in Lake Stevens

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