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Month: December 2016


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The Importance of Proper Attic Ventilation

By Chuck Henrichsen on December 21, 2016

Attics are among the least used parts of our homes. They’re often used as storage areas and are taken for granted. Although it seems far-fetched, attics have a huge influence our living standards, especially in Washington and the Pacific Northwest. Moreover, keeping your attic in good condition can prevent several health hazards as well as

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Time to Roll Out the Caution Tape: You Have Mold in Your Crawl Space

By Chuck Henrichsen on December 8, 2016

In its natural state, mold has very positive effects on the environment. It helps break down and decompose organic material, such as leaves, vegetation, fruit, and other organic matter. However, when present in houses, mold growth can cause severe health complications and cost a lot of money in property damage. Detecting any mold growth in

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Finding The Source of a Bad Odor in Your House

By Clean Crawls on August 29, 2017

Every parent aims to create a healthy living environment for their family. This includes making sure that the home is clean, the air is filtered and the surfaces are dusted. But what do you do when a foul odor suddenly invades your home? You’ve wiped, mopped, bleached and scrubbed every possible inch of your home.

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Healthy Home 101: Understanding Different Types of Dangerous Mold

By Clean Crawls on August 1, 2017

If you’re concerned about musty smells or experiencing discomfort from allergies, it may be due to mold in your home. With all the rain we experience in Seattle, mold in your crawl space or attic is a common occurrence. The first thing you should do is to contact someone to conduct a thorough inspection. Mold

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Perks and Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

By Chuck Henrichsen on April 27, 2017

If you need new or replacement insulation, consider spray foam insulation for your attic and crawl space. Spray foam insulation is highly durable and energy efficient, both attributes that define the best attic and crawl space insulation. It is an excellent alternative to rock wool, fiberglass, and cellulose insulation products. Having spray foam insulation in

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