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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Flash and Batt: Seattle’s Superheroes

This is how you get the most from your insulation dollars. It might not wear a flowing cape or spiffy tights, but the flash and batt method of home insulation is a real superhero. Its power combines two common insulation materials and transforms them into something that neither could be on its own: highly effective and budget-friendly. That's a genuine foe to the arch-nemesis of heat…

Seven Things You Don’t Want in Your Attic

It may not be the most inviting environment, but a regular trip to the attic can prevent some unhappy surprises. Your attic isn't just an empty space above the living quarters. It's part of your home's structure that has a purpose. The rafters support the roof and distribute its weight to the framing members throughout the home. Joists support the ceiling and help distribute weight evenly…

5 Reasons Your Home Needs a Vapor Barrier

An ordinary crawl space might house any number of systems, and they need protection as much as you do. What goes on inside your crawl space? It's not just a vacant, or mostly vacant, area underneath the house. Some houses have HVAC ductwork down there, and some have wiring and plumbing. Some have none of those things, but the framework of the house is still exposed.…

Is Your House Bugged?

Bugs. Little kids love them. Grown ups, not so much. You probably aren't worried about the NSA listening in on your conversations about what's for supper, but you might be worried about what's having supper right under your feet. Bugs are a normal hazard of living of living on this planet, but you don't have to let them take up residence in your residence. Not when Clean Crawls pest control…

Expert Interview Series: Toby Srebnik of Truly Nolen of America on Pest Prevention

Toby Srebnik is the Manager of PR, Social Media and Community Events for Truly Nolen of America, where the 15-year PR industry veteran oversees the pest control company's public relations and social media strategy and tactics and helps the company gain exposure through local branches' participation in community events. We recently checked in with Toby to learn more about how to manage home pest infestations. Here's what he had to…

Understanding What’s Under Where You’re Standing

What's under your feet? No, not the carpeting or the hardwood floors. Go a little deeper, through the subfloor, past the joists and down into the crawlspace. It's not the nicest part of your home, and it's definitely not the cleanest. But it's an important part, and one that you should get familiar with. Your crawlspace is more than an empty area where dirt, bugs, and maybe some insulation live.…

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