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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Are Creepy Crawlers Crawling in Your Crawl Space?

Some critters are plain rude. They show up in your crawlspace uninvited. And, if you're not careful, they bring creepy, crawly friends. Those aren't house guests, they're squatters who don't pay rent. Fortunately, Clean Crawls pest control has their eviction papers ready to deliver. The crawl space is one of the least monitored parts of your home. And, like any vacant property, the darkness and privacy is like a "Welcome…

What Renters Need to Know About Attic Insulation

Attics can be their own unique challenge when you are a homeowner, but they can be an even more delicate situation to approach as a renter. If you’re renting a home that’s in need of an attic insulation replacement or an attic cleanout, this may leave you predisposed to future issues with the attic. These issues can include higher energy costs, mold and moisture damage, or pests in the attic.…

Attic Insulation Basics: Knee Walls vs Regular Attics

When it comes to savings on your energy bill and keeping your home feeling cozy, there is no debate that a well-insulated attic is your greatest asset. But replacing and cleaning the insulation in the attic can vary depending on what type of attic your home has. If you asked a child to draw a house, they’d probably draw a simple square box with a triangle sitting on top. Most…

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