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Monthly Archives: February 2016

5 Reasons to Maintain a Clean Crawl Space for Your Home

You might never go into your crawlspace, but that's what we do best. You dust and vacuum regularly, but when was the last time you thought about cleaning your crawlspace? Many people don't, at least not until there's a problem. But some problems aren't obvious until they affect your quality of life indoors. Maybe you're chillier than you should be, or there's a nagging odor that you can't quite place.…

Thought Leader Series: Home Cleaning Checklist For Elderly Caregivers

Stephan Baldwin is the Director of Business Development for Assisted Living Center, an online resource for senior living articles, communities, and guides. It is never easy to move your parents out of a home they have enjoyed for decades. However, if you are a caregiver and know that your parents need more help than you can provide in their home, it is usually the right decision to make. With this…

4 Ways an Attic Cleaning Service Safeguards Your Home

Most insulation doesn't last forever, and that's just one of the problems that can lurk inside your attic. Cleaning your attic means something more than knocking down cobwebs, moving holiday decorations and generally tidying up. A professional attic cleaning service can make your home healthier and more efficient, and evict unwanted visitors. Some attic problems are unhealthy and dangerous, and some cost you money. But they're correctable when you rely…

Who Might Be Hibernating In Your Attic – And What to Do About It

Ahh, hibernation. That wonderful time of the year when animals pack away some winter weight and take a multiple month nap. Such a leisurely life that they live. However, you must put your foot down if this lifestyle is being carried out in your attic. Attics are tight and insulated spaces which can make an attractive retreat for pests at any time of the year, but especially during the Winter.…

How to Know When Your Attic Insulation Needs Replacing

A well-insulated attic is a happy attic. If the attic is happy, so is the rest of the home! They are just like the head that sits on top of your shoulders; if you’ve got a headache, the rest of the body usually suffers too. Noticing chilly drafts in the house, scratching heard through the ceiling, and less than desirable air quality can be strong clues that your attic is…

HVAC Cleaning: Your Path to Better Indoor Air Quality

Ductwork is every bit as important as your furnace or heat pump. Dirty ductwork got you down? Fortunately, there's a straightforward solution: Ductwork/ HVAC cleaning. Contaminated ducts can cause several problems, not the least of which is poor indoor air quality. But, with the right equipment and a reputable team of pros, you'll get clean ducts and a cleaner home in just a few hours. Here's what to expect: The…

5 Interior Home Cleaning Services with a High Return on Investment

A little attention to detail can provide a big return on your investment. You don't see them every day, but hidden spaces play a big role in your home's comfort, safety, structural integrity and energy consumption. Left unattended, the crawlspace and attic can create problems that range from dampness and mold to rotted structural elements, unhealthy air and an overworked HVAC system. That's why insulation and home cleaning services are…

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