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Month: November 2015


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How a Dirty Yard Makes for a Dirty Crawl Space

By Chuck Henrichsen on November 25, 2015

Fall is a beautiful time of year. As the trees turn various shades of yellow, red, and orange, we anticipate the crisp breeze and drizzling rain that accompanies the season. Eventually, these beautiful trees will shed their leaves, which cover our streets and property like a blanket. While it may be a beautiful sight, this

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Creepy Crawl Space Creatures and How to Get Rid of Them

By Chuck Henrichsen on November 21, 2015

As the crisp chill of fall turns to the biting cold of winter, all living creatures are on the hunt to stay warm. Employees sneak slippers into work, children wear extra layers to school, and pets lay by the heaters to keep warm. Unfortunately, this same hunt for heat is also going on with a

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How Insects Destroy Attic Insulation

By Chuck Henrichsen on November 17, 2015

Large insect infestations are common occurrences in Western, Washington. Thankfully, these can be skillfully handled by professional pest control companies, such as ours. One of the most common locations for insect infestations is the attic insulation. After the pests have been exterminated, many homeowners assume that the problem has been solved. Unfortunately, this is not

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Insider Secrets About Insulation Contractors

By Clean Crawls on January 11, 2018

If you’ve ever experienced problems caused by a faulty, or even suspect, insulation installation, you know that it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Among the countless insulation installers out there, there are plenty that are reliable, honest, and who do an excellent job. Unfortunately, there are also some insulation contractors who just don’t measure up

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The Secret to Lowering Your Heating Bills

By Clean Crawls on December 19, 2017

As winter begins to bear down upon us here in the Puget Sound area, concerns of rising heating costs come front and center. You’ve dealt with these concerns before, but now there are indications that Puget Sound Energy is petitioning regulators to increase the price of home energy costs by as much as one-percent in

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What Lurks in Your Crawl Space That Can Hurt You

By Clean Crawls on December 6, 2017

The homeowner couldn’t continue to ignore the unpleasant musty smells that seemed to be emanating from beneath the floors in their home. Nor could they continue to deny hearing strange sounds that seemed to be coming from the same location. So they called in a professional to have a look at their crawl space. What

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